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vScope helps gathering data from all of your favorite platforms. Structure, combine, share, and make use of information that is scattered across your business. We build integrations to support thousands of users becoming more productive and teams becoming more efficient.
Example of datasources used in vScope


Collect assets from your favorite platforms in vScope to make them searchable, sharable, and easy to use for reporting. No matter what integrations you use, vScope automatically structures and relates the assets.

Protocols for network discovery

Discover IP-enabled assets using standard protocols. Assets (such as printers, switches, and servers) are automatically categorized, inventoried, and added to vScope.

Great experience out of the box.
Really happy with the introduction and demo from the vendor who also keeps in touch after a PoC to help out in specific scenarios.

– M. Tukara Global IT Operations Manager, BUFAB

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