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InfraSight Labs is a Swedish software company founded in 2010. We develop vScope, an IT reporting tool that helps IT departments to gather their data in one place and share crucial insights in an instance. To get a better understanding of who we are, let’s take a closer look at our brand values!

Personerna bakom vScope

Our values

Winning as a team

We strive towards creating and maintaining close relationships with our customers and help them throughout the customer journey. We build bridges between people from different organizational units to ease collaboration and create enhanced results.

Make a difference

We are professional. Through vScope we want to make a difference for our customers whether it simplifies the everyday life of a coworker or helps to streamline the overall business.

Keep it simple

We are down-to-earth. We don’t overcomplicate things. vScope is user friendly and makes it easier for users to navigate in their IT environments. Simplicity is also reflected in the way we are and the way we engage in customer dialogue.

Career (Swedish)

We’re a fast-growing company that’s continuously on the look out for new members to join our team.


Invoicing details and information about international payments.

Contact & Address


InfraSight Labs AB
Anckargripsgatan 3
21119 Malmö, SWEDEN

Email: info@infrasightlabs.com

vScope - Skapat av InfraSight Labs AB, Malmö

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