Trace history & track any changes in your IT environment

With vScope, you gain complete historical traceability of all configuration changes that occur in your IT-environment. An entirely new level of IT asset management that you’ve never experienced before!

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We work with companies of all sizes, ranging from small local firms to global enterprises, that want to make IT visibility and collaboration a cornerstone of their IT operations.

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Explore ANY changes in your IT environment

vScope records and tracks every configuration change, relationship, as well as additions and removals of IT resources. From RAM and operating systems to IP addresses, user accounts, VM hosts, group memberships, and IT services – it is all there!

History & Change provides you with a unique opportunity to have full control over everything happening in your IT environment.

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Travel back in time

With vScope’s Timeline, you can trace your IT assets from the initial inventory, through all updates and changes over time, right up to today’s date. This simplifies troubleshooting, annual reviews, and security audits of your IT environment.

Benefits of History & Change

Enable Proactivity
Detect issues before they arise. With trends and rapid change detection, vScope enables proactive action instead of just reacting to problems.

Improved Planning
Stay informed about both planned and unexpected changes, allowing you to take action on time.

Identify Trends
Gain full control over how your IT environment evolves and predict the future. Identify cost savings by optimizing underutilized resources or plan for growth that requires investment.

Accurate Tracking
Ideal for monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews. Understand what has been added, removed, or changed in your IT environment during a specific period.

It’s incredibly easy to quickly explore changes in any values within our IT environment, such as the last login for different user accounts.

– Åsa Woolke, IT Technician


Compass for understanding the IT landscape


vScope’s automatic inventory, discovery and change tracking capability enable Deloitte to reduce their IT department’s workload, saving significant amounts of time and money.

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Stay informed of critical changes

Create customized alerts that keep you informed about what matters most to you. vScope automatically keeps you updated on what’s happening in your IT environment. Feel confident that your IT environment is stable or that changes are occurring as planned – directly from your inbox!

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Simplify annual reviews with history

Quickly filter lists of IT assets that have been added or removed during a specific time frame. Historical tracking streamlines and enhances the process of auditing your IT environment, from technical details and configurations to overarching changes.


Discover history & change in vScope

Discover the value of historical tracking through our informative video walkthrough. In a demo of vScope, you’ll learn:

  • How to stay informed of critical changes
  • How to simplify annual reviews with historical tracking
  • How to create reports to visualize changes in your IT environment
  • How to explore and adjust different time intervals in trend analysis
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Supercharge your organization with IT inventory!

vScope is trusted by companies worldwide, spanning various industries, to enhance IT collaboration and elevate quality standards.

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