Asset types / Mobile Devices

Central view of all Mobile Devices across your IT landscape

Inventory Mobile Devices in vScope for improved IT visibility and better collaboration around MDM.

vScope feed information to other systems programs
A mobile device representation in vScope

Out-of-the-box reports about Mobile Devices

Instant access to reports about assets from Azure, Jamf, Google Workspace, Endpoint central, or anywhere else you manage your mobile devices.

Drill-down on Mobile Devices

Understand relationships and dependencies between mobile device assets such as owner, primary user, enrolled by.

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Learn More about Mobile Device Management

Read our blog post about what Mobile Device Management is, and some keytake-aways about industry trends.

Find obsolete assets and save money

Quickly list misconfigured or obsolete assets to identify cost savings and lower your overall cloud spend.

Review configurations

Browse mobile device configurations across any platform in one place. Support for any

Customizable list in vScope

What is included?

Automatic IT inventory helps you centralize your Mobile Device documentation.
  • Inventory Mobile Devices from any platform or system

  • Supports custom categorization using tags

  • Trace back on any changes that occurs regarding new assets or configurations

  • Automatically maps dependencies between assets

  • Supports anything from iPads, iPhones, Android devices, displays and more…

  • Easy to share restricted views for improved collaborations across teams

Supercharge your organization with IT inventory!

vScope is trusted by companies worldwide, spanning various industries, to enhance IT collaboration and elevate quality standards.

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