A CMDB for putting IT assets in context

Manage IT services, organizations, customers, or persons by connecting your IT assets to its correct contexts with vScope CMDB. Discover the benefits using a CMDB based on leading IT inventory today!

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IT Services, Customers,
Or Any Context
Relationships & Dependencies

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We work with businesses of all sizes, from local to global, who want to simplify the overview and collaboration around their IT environment information.

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Add context to IT Assets

In vScope CMDB, you can easily create and manage different contexts and their relationships to IT assets, such as IT services, customers, businesses, or projects. Context provides a much richer IT Asset Management and a deeper understanding of how IT assets impact your overall IT delivery.

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Optimize IT service management and asset documentation

Enhance your IT Service Management (ITSM) routines and asset documentation with vScop CMDB. Through a centralized and up-to-date database for services and clients, among other things, you can swiftly respond to requests, plan changes, and enhance the user experience.

Data Sources & Integrations

What do you want to inventory?

vScope CMDB is based on leading IT inventory software, automatically providing your CMDB with the necessary information about IT assets.

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Relationships & Dependencies

Simplify complex and hidden dependencies

Create and update hierarchical structures for your contexts. This gives you a clear view of how different IT assets and contexts are interconnected and how they affect your IT operations.

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What is a CMDB?

We have written a comprehensive guide about the fundamentals of a CMDB for you to get started!

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Analysis & Compliance

Daily analysis for better IT delivery

vScope CMDB offers built-in analysis that support daily improvements of your operations within ITSM and ITAM. In addition to directly identified misconfigurations of IT assets, you also get analyses based on relationships and dependencies between the IT services and other IT assets.

Benefits of choosing a CMDB based on IT inventory

Improved Planning & Budgeting
Gain deeper insights with vScope CMDB to enhance the planning and budgeting of IT services and IT assets. Clear information about the most used services, necessary updates, and optimization potential.

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Benchmark to Policies & Regulations
Customize your CMDB documentation according to industry standards such as ISO 27001 or SOC to simplify the compliance process.

Seamless Collaboration & Information Sharing
Create tailored views for different roles in your organization. Easily share specific and customized information with various teams and functions.

History & Change of Anything
Keep track of any changes in your IT service documentation with vScope CMDB. Enable traceability and easy revisions whenever you need them.

– Very easy to setup and get started inventorying IT assets. More or less plug-and-play!

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Compass for understanding the IT landscape

Deloitte Sweden

For Deloitte, responsive and seamless IT is a cornerstone in maintaining high efficiency and ensuring quality for its employees. To achieve this, Deloitte chose vScope.

vScope feed information to other systems programs
Integrate with Other Systems

Feed Other Systems with Data from vScope CMDB

Use vScope CMDB in other systems, such as incident management, billing, and business operations. With vScope, you get an affordable, platform-agnostic CMDB that supports your business from multiple perspectives.

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Streamline Communication and Collaboration

Through a shared platform to visualize IT services and contexts, you can streamline communication and collaboration between the IT team and other parts of the organization. Everyone has a shared view of how IT supports business operations.

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Supercharge your organization with IT inventory!

vScope is trusted by companies worldwide, spanning various industries, to enhance IT collaboration and elevate quality standards.

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