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Release Notes

vScope 3.8

vScope 3.8 introduces a new datasource to be used for laptop & server inventory: Microsoft SCCM

vScope 3.7

vScope 3.7 makes it easier for IT organizations to distribute information to people with limited insights in the datacenter.

vScope 3.6

Optimize Azure license utilization and set Discovery schedules, you will be able to customize the inventory as you want it.

vScope 3.5

vScope 3.5 bridges the gap between infrastructure and services with support for IIS web services. It also introduces support for billing and enhanced cost control of IT.

vScope 3.4

vScope 3.4 is a major upgrade of the functionality in vScope. The most obvious thing is the newly design Dashboard that takes collaboration to a completely new level. However, we have also made performance improvements in the backend to enhance the overall vScope experience.

vScope 3.3

vScope 3.3 introduces completely new information related to backup and also improves existing functionality. All to help you collect the information you need in one place.