Automated Reporting, Export, and Alerts

Schedule, distribute, and share insights about your IT environment with vScope. With the ability to attach exports or share links directly to the content, access becomes easy for everyone, regardless of the recipient.

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We work with companies of all sizes, ranging from small local firms to global enterprises, that want to make IT visibility and collaboration a cornerstone of their IT operations.

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Custom Alerts and Notifications to Suit Your Needs

Let vScope keep you informed when specific conditions are met or on a regular schedule. With vScope, you can easily create alerts and schedules that provide you and your colleagues with complete control over important events in the IT environment.

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Export data to .xlsx or .csv files from vScope

Efficiently Save and Share Information

By attaching export files in formats such as .xlsx or .csv, you can quickly share insights from vScope with others in the organization or other systems without them having to access and login to vScope.

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In vScope, you have the freedom to choose which alerts and schedules are relevant to you. Make quick customizations as needed or take advantage of ready-made notifications, schedules or alert, created by your team

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Green Landscaping Group

vScope assists Green Landscaping’s IT department in gaining a better overview of their IT and enhancing collaboration with their outsourcing partner.

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Use cases for Scheduling & Alerts in vScope

License Management
Schedule reports on software licenses, usage, and expiration dates to identify deficiencies or overutilization. Receive alerts when licenses approach expiration or if there are unused licenses that can be repurposed.

Efficient Reporting
By scheduling exports, you can regularly distribute information to relevant stakeholders. This saves time and resources by eliminating manual intervention and ensures that critical information is always available.

Incident Management
Send vScope notifications directly to your incident management system to automate the process of reporting and resolving issues in your IT environment.

Be proactive by allowing vScope to alert you and your team early in case of any configuration errors before they lead to breakdowns.

In vScope, it’s incredibly easy to obtain customized reports of what you want or set up scheduled exports to have the information sent to you automatically without any effort!

– Fredrik Gustafsson, IT Operations Technician

Supercharge your organization with IT inventory!

vScope is trusted by companies worldwide, spanning various industries, to enhance IT collaboration and elevate quality standards.

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