Ensure data protection with better overview of data backups

active directory audit

Free up time by lowering the complexity of data backup reporting

vScope Backup goes beyond scripting and monitoring by providing a common and easy-to-use platform for IT to access accurate information about backup. On the vScope platform you will have a complete audit trail from backup job, to virtual machine, to database to storage.

vScope Backup simplifies tasks and processes by reducing hours to minutes. Instead of spending resources on data collection and analysis, IT can focus on more valuable tasks and deliver better results for the business.


Correlated information about data backup

Dependency mapping

vScope Backup offers dependency mapping between technological platforms, allowing organizations to visualize information about, for instance storage and virtualization side by side with backup jobs.

Aggregation of information

Automated audits removes manual data collection, analysis and reporting to support a productive IT organizations where resources can be spent on more important matters.

Reduce costs

Consolidate information at one place to reduce administrative efforts, lower the time to resolution and forecast resource and capacity planning. This helps ensuring people having time to focus on priority activities.

data backup
data backup

Make it easy to identify flaws in data backup configurations

Drill-down with the complete map

Go further than alerts about failed backup jobs and investigate VM configurations, database locations or storage information related to data backup.

Perform gap analysis and ensure data protection

Browse all backup jobs from one single view to quickly identify failed or corrupted jobs that might put your data at risk.

Distribute information to the right people

vScope Backup offers customizable reporting allowing IT to build tailored reports and dashboards to both internal or external parties.

Key Features

vScope Backup enables a variety of use cases for IT organizations.

  • Dependency mapping from data backup, VM, OS, database and storage

  • Visualize information for eg. virtualization side by side with backup information

  • View detailed storage data about backup jobs

  • Growth trends and capacity planning

  • Customized tagging

  • Perform gap analysis between CMDB and data backup jobs

  • Demonstrate data protection with tailored reports

  • Benchmark and performance analysis

  • Audit and report on service levels and policy compliance

  • Track failed and misconfigured backup jobs

  • For in-house, outsourced and/or cloud IT

  • Benefit from an aggerated view of all data backup jobs


  • Veeam Backup
Including tags
  • VMs configured for backup
  • Replication pools configured for backup
  • Total data size
  • Last run status
  • Next run
  • Target directory
  • Target directory size
  • Restore points count
  • Job type
    + 30 more tags
Including analysis
  • Veeam Backup is missing
  • Veeam Backup failed
  • Sure backup jobs failed
  • Optimization – High amount of restore points
  • Parallell processing disabled
  • New backup job created
  • Jobs not running in a long time
  • Jobs with restore points older than 30 days
    + 20 more cases

Supercharge your organization with IT inventory!

vScope is trusted by companies worldwide, spanning various industries, to enhance IT collaboration and elevate quality standards.

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