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Efficient, smooth and intuitive

vScope Virtualization is smart data collection for IT that bridge technologies and provides a holistic approach to documentation and analysis of IT infrastructure.


Agentless inventory of virtualization

Detailed information about virtualization

Hosts, virtual machines, datastores and hypervisors. The virtual infrastructure consists of many important components and they are all discovered and analyzed by vScope.

Plan beforehand with historical data

With the power of full historical traceability vScope not only allows you look back in time but also predict the future with data driven analysis.

Correlation – Look inside the virtual machines

No need to look in multiple tools to get the information you need. With correlated data from multiple technologies you can identify flaws that span across technological boundaries.

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A multipurpose platform

Easy categorization with tags

Define tagging rules based on configurations, relationships or trends to automatically categorize virtual machines.

Find orphaned VMs

Prevent server sprawl and waste of resources with bundled reports and health checks of the virtual infrastructure.

Right-size the virtual infrastructure

Identify underutilized hosts, VMs and datastores to match the set up of the virtualization with your organization’s need.

Key Features

  • Automated calculations of potential optimization

  • Find orphaned and VMs and identify VM sprawl

  • Information of hosts, VMware VMs, Hyper-V machines, Azure and EC2 VMs in one single view

  • Check snapshots and checkpoints that are growing in size

  • All historical changes to VMs including configurations, states and guest tool status

  • Overview costs related to running VMs in the cloud

  • Identify unused or low utilized datastores

  • Dashboard with interesting metrics such as virtualization index, commit ration and storage utilization




Microsoft Hyper-V


Amazone Web Services

Data & Information
  • CPU Cores Datastores
  • Guest Tool Status
  • HDD
  • Port Groups
  • RAM
  • Snapshot/Checkpoint
  • VLan
  • VM name

And 100+ more

Reports & Analysis
  • Datastore estimated full within 30 days
  • Duplicate VMDK UUIDs
  • High CPU usage on overcommitted CPU on VMware hosts
  • MSDTC Identity not unique
  • Inconsistent VM config directory name
  • vDisks in independent non-persistent mode
  • VMs with more than one snapshot/checkpoint
  • VMs with no NICs
  • VMs with thick provisioning

And 100+ more.

Supercharge your organization with IT inventory!

vScope is trusted by companies worldwide, spanning various industries, to enhance IT collaboration and elevate quality standards.

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