Unlocking Insights: Identify and Document Clients with Ease

vScope offers seamless client identification and documentation through various protocols and integrations. Get a holistic view of your network, explore data, add context, and even add billing information. Start discovering client assets with vScope today!

Client Overview Dashboard
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Properties in vScope

Relationships automatically mapped

Don’t waste time on manually updating information or mapping relationships. vScope automate this process with its powerful database engine.

Put client data in context

Integrated on the vScope platform, client data becomes a part of your organization’s dedicated IT-library.

Learn more about CMDB

Take the insights elsewhere

Integrate vScope’s data collection engine in existing CMDBs or Service Desks and make use of the data elsewhere.

Learn more about Data Out

Reporting view in vScope
vScope Buyer's Guide

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Explore our newly published Buyer’s Guide for the Ultimate IT Inventory Software.


Application inventory

Set up custom alerts and let vScope highlight any unwanted applications showing up on end-point devices.

Security – Find all local administrators

Collect information about all local user accounts on client computers to build reports and alerts about unwanted administrators.

Track warranty and service

Build customized warranty reports to initiate and follow up on replacement projects.

Key Features

  • Full application inventory of all clients

  • Bundled reports about warranty and services

  • Powerful inventory features that also includes connected USB devices or monitors

  • Historical traceability to list any changes that occurs

  • Customize alerts to get notified about clients with an outdated or a non-existing antivirus

  • Track licensing limits and ensure compliance

  • Get notified whenever new clients pops up on the network

  • Full list of every operating system discovered, including Windows, Linux and Unix







Microsoft Entra (Azure AD)

Microsoft Intune (Endpoint Manager)

Microsoft 365 Defender


Endpoint Central (Desktop Central)

View All Integrations

Data & Information
  • Applied Group Policies
  • Connected USB devices
  • Filesystem usage
  • Installed applications
  • Local Users
  • Local HDDs
  • MAC address
  • OS product keys
  • Running services
  • Windows updates

And 100+ more

Reports & Analysis
  • Active Local user accounts
  • Antivirus is missing
  • Critical Adobe Flash Vulnerability
  • Detected USB-devices has changed
  • Group policy has changed
  • Local administrator accounts named Administrator
  • Machines with no active user
  • Old BIOS found
  • Software with security issues listed
  • Windows Update detection error

And 100+ more

Works Good With

Billing & Chargeback
Add prices to assets and calculate the cost of IT.

Put IT Assets in context of an IT service, customer, or organization.

Supercharge your organization with IT inventory!

vScope is trusted by companies worldwide, spanning various industries, to enhance IT collaboration and elevate quality standards.

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