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vScope IT Inventory Software

IT Inventory for Companies with Collaborative Ambitions

We work with companies in any industry, ranging from small to enterprise, that wants to make collaboration and information sharing across the organization easy, enjoyable, and effortless.

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Integrate vScope With Your Favorite Platforms

Connect vScope with systems in your in-house or cloud environment and collect all our company’s assets in one place.

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Inventory & Discovery

IT Inventory without Agents

vScope offers IT Inventory & Discovery where all collected data is store on premises, in your IT environment.


Put IT Assets in Their Proper Context

Create a self-populating CMDB and display your IT assets in various contexts: service, customer, company, individual, or country. Customizing vScope to fit your specific needs is easy!

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vScope Buyer's Guide

Download the Guide for the Ultimate IT inventory Software

Explore our newly published Buyer’s Guide for the Ultimate IT Inventory Software.


Track and Discover Trends

Gain complete insight into all the changes occurring in your IT environment. From new assets to altered configurations. Perfect for audits or troubleshooting.

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vScope price lists

Add Prices to Your IT delivery

Easily create and distribute insights about software licenses, laptops, subscriptions, or service agreements. Customize billing statements, price groups, service items, and more…


We Offer Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

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Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Gather all your asset documentation in one place and support productivity, security, and compliance.

Curious vScope fans.

MSP & Hosting

A complete solution tailored for hosting and IT partners to work smarter and more efficiently with their IT delivery.

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Public Sector

An IT inventory platform to streamline processes, drive productivity, and enhance your digital capacity.

Top-Rated by our Customers.
This is what they say…

Easy to set up Multiple Data Sources (On-prem, Cloud, AD, VMs, Physical machines etc) Easily integrated with AD Good overview Out of the box Dashboards Customizable to fulfill all your needs Reporting Services Service Cards Great support and onboarding process.

Marko, Global IT Operations Manager

It’s very fast, the possibilities with all available data is almost endless. The support is both very quick and they’re overall very responsive to implementing new ideas and features.

Isak, IT Technician

It’s easy to generate reports to collaborate with different parts of the organization. Reports that we did manually we can have updated daily and always have ready to share with management or other interested parties.

Michael, IT Manager

– Follow up on billing statements, license assignments, laptop documentation, versions of antivirus… There are countless reports to browse that I might need for whatever reason.

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