Your IT environment
– All in one place

vScope helps IT departments visualize key information for those who need it most.

A search engine for your IT

Give everyone in your organization access to key information, in one place.
vScope - Översikt över hela ITn

Simple overview

  • A search engine for your IT
  • Zoom in from holistic to detailed views
  • Information from all systems in one place

Smooth reporting

  • Ready-to-go content, always available
  • Relevant and up-to-date IT reports
  • Fully customizable

For your team

  • Unlimited information sharing

  • Follow-up scheduling

  • A platform for your entire IT department

Your time is valuable,
spend it wisely

Documentation takes time, which is why it’s not often prioritized. Let vScope do it for you!

Our products

vScope Inventory & Reporting: Färdiga IT-rapporter sparar dig tid

Inventory & Reporting

Generate, customize and share reports to save valuable time.

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vScope Service Mapping: Sätt IT komponenter i sitt sammanhang

Service Mapping

Map components to services and view your IT from a service perspective.

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vScope Billing & Chargeback: Prissätt din IT och fördela kostnader

Billing & Chargeback

Price out and invoice for your IT based on customer, service or department.

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Why vScope?

vScope: Installation tar mindre än en timme

Easy to start

No time consuming meetings or expensive implementation plan needed. Get started in less than an hour.

vScope underlättar samarbetet på IT-avdelningen

We’ve got you

The team behind vScope is always there to support you.

vScope låter dig välja fritt och anpassa din licens efter er IT

Flexible pricing

vScope is a subscription-based service and has no sign up fee. Pricing is based on your size and needs.

Informationen lämnar inte ditt datacenter


Installs in your data center so your data stays with you.

vScope in your role as…

IT Operations Manager

  • A full overview of your IT environment

  • Self-sufficient in accessing key information

  • A platform for your entire team

Service Manager

  • A self-updating service catalogue

  • IT from a services perspective

  • An interface for the organization

IT Technician

  • Decrease the need for scripting

  • Less interruptions for creating reports

  • Combine information from several systems

Which one are you

Reference cases

An award-winning product and an amazing team to ensure your success.
vScope kundcase - Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting får koll på hela sin IT i ett verktygpå hela sin


“– What a relief… I can finally get an overview of our entire IT environment, all in one place”

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vScope kundcase Sigma ITC

Sigma ITC

“– Everyone can now access the information they need, when they need it”

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vScope kundcase Deloitte


“– Now all key IT information is together in one place!”

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