Document your service delivery

Add a service catalogue to your automatic inventory.

vScope Service Mapping

All of your services, their components and configurations.

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  • Connect IT components to a service with an easy drag-and-drop function
  • Gain an overview of users and permissions
  • Document integrations and system dependencies
  • Based on automatic inventory

Put your IT environment into context

Automatic inventory helps you keep information updated.

Create a services catalogue

Explore your IT and connect components to services.

Map dependencies

Gain an overview of dependencies between components, users, integrations and other services.

Built for the whole team

Collaborate with your colleagues, all on the same platform.

Track sensitive data

Identify and follow services and components that contain sensitive data.
Service Mapping - Det nya sättet att arbeta med tjänstekataloger

Why vScope Service Mapping?

Informationen uppdateras dagligen

Always relevant

Your service catalogue is automatically updated on a daily basis with the most recent information.

Service Mapping är lättstartat


Simply create a service catalogue without any pre-requisite technical knowledge.

Service Mapping ger dig enkelt en överblick över tjänstens delar

Full overview

An organized overview of all service components. From servers and storage to applications and users.

Med Service Mapping följer du enkelt branschstandarden


Use templates to document a service in line with industry standards.

Why you should document IT services in vScope


  • Relevant information – A service catalogue that automatically gets updated on a daily basis.

  • Analysis & Suggestions – Easily prioritize fixes, improvements and optimizations of your service delivery.

  • Industry standard templates – Service templates based on industry standards.

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