Service Mapping Beginner’s Guide: Part 1 of 5

Why Service Teams need vScope Service Mapping

Organizations often lack an understanding of how their business services are delivered, but not anymore with vScope Service Mapping.

Centralized platform for your services

With vScope Service Mapping you can gather all your services and the their related components in one place. This way, information about your entire service delivery is accessible to everyone, making cooperation between teams easier while also facilitating knowledge sharing within the organization.

Saves valuable time

Making sure that a service document is updated in Sharepoint is often not prioritized in the world of IT. This tends to result in out-dated documents that are of no use to anyone.

vScope Service Mapping takes care of this problem. Your services and their related services will be automatically updated after each discovery run, meaning that you can focus on the things that truly matter.

Increases your productivity

vScope Service Mapping is continuously analyzing your services and their different components in the background in order to provide you with concrete suggestions and a course of action, which stops some issues before ever happening.

How does vScope help?

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