Service Mapping Beginner’s Guide: Part 4 of 5

Customization in Service Mapping

We previously mentioned that Service Card layouts can be customized to fit your organization’s needs, and that users can create complete new layouts as well. But what is a layout?

Layouts, Sections & Fields

A Layout consists of Sections, which in turn consists of Fields. It’s possible to view them as layers to each other, with the layout layer being the final layer that users actually see. Each layer is customizable and you can the choose what to view in the layer above.

Previously in this guide we encountered the standard “In-house” layout that included the Details section, which in turn consisted of different fields for different values, such as “Owner”, “Technical Contact” and more.

Customizing & Creating Layouts

To edit layouts, click on Settings to the left and then click on edit in the Layouts settings. If you instead wish to create a brand new layout, click on +Create layout in the top right corner.

While editing Layouts you can choose what Sections to show and the order they should appear. To do this, simply drag and drop the available sections and place them in the order you want. Sections & Fields are also edited under Settings and they work similar to layouts, You can find more on customization over at How to customize layouts and field.

You’re now one step closer to completing this guide, continue to the final part and become a vScope Service Mapping professional!