Service Mapping Beginner’s Guide: Part 2 of 5

Navigating in Service Mapping

Lets get a little bit more familiar with Service Mapping and its different functions. First of all, open up Service Mapping.

The Overview

The “Overview” page shows all your services. You can instantly see the owner of the service and if any analysis have detected potential issues with its components.

Detailed Overview

The general overview is pretty neat, but most of the time its not enough. To find out the backing components of a service , you can click anywhere on the card for that service. You’ll then get a more detailed view of the Service and its constituting parts.

You might have noticed that some components are highlighted, this means that the components are being inventoried by vScope. This means that the components exist in vScope and have a properties page where you can dive deep into that specific component.

Now that you are familiar with the basic concepts of Service Mapping, it’s time to build your first Service Card! Move on to the next part of this tutorial to learn more!