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vScope 3.29.0


vScope 3.29 3.29.6 May 27, 2024 Bugs & Improvements Approve proxies before being used in Discovery Allow user to edit value(s) in List field type in IT Services Optimized stitched strategies Updated dropdown for users in IT Services Missing pagination support for MS Reports in Azure probe fixed Improved discovery

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vScope 3.28.0


vScope 3.28 3.28.4 January 15, 2023 Bugs & Improvements Added sorting in vScope Billing. Various UI fixes and improvements. Updated default columns when creating a new table for the asset type Databases. Fix for table borders not showing in Firefox browsers. Fix for not being able to write Time Since Last

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vScope 3.27.0


vScope 3.27 3.27.10, 23 October, 2023 Improved customization: Filter tag values when creating new tags Create tags with values from other tags and use custom filters to fetch the exact values you are looking for. This is especially useful if you want to count or sum specific values from either

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vScope 3.26.0


vScope 3.26 3.26.1 April 13 2023 Bugs: Fix for vScope Billing not loading after Directory Machines have been removed. 3.26.0 April 11, 2023 New Features: View tags from neighboring assets, based on relation. Read all about it in this blog post. Improvements: Major update of IP Insight

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What’s New in vScope


What's new in vScope vScope is always getting better and easier to use. Here are the highlights of the latest updates. NEW INTEGRATION Introducing Device Collection from Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) We’re excited to introduce a valuable addition to vScope that

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vScope 3.25.0


vScope 3.25 3.25.15 March 20, 2023 New Features:Inventory user accounts from any SQL database using vScope's CustomSQL integration.Improvements: View Roles & Permissions for Azure App Registrations.Now more hardware information from Microsoft Intune is displayed on Properties for All Machines and Mobile Devices.In Table Explorer, tables managed by vScope now have the

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vScope 3.24.0


vScope 3.24 3.24.2, 3.24.3, 3.24.4 September 2, 2022 Copy Dashboard Quickly create copies from existing dashboards and customize them the way you want. Easier to manage content Edit collaborators in bulk directory from your vScope Library. Improvements New Tag: Quotas on Azure App Services New Tag: Domain/Tenant on Azure VMs

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vScope 3.23.0


vScope 3.23.0 3.23.1 May 30, 2022 Improvements Fixed styling in Tracker Updated Save button behavior in Table Explorer 3.23.0 May 23, 2022 Features πŸŽ‰ New integration: Microsoft 365 Defender πŸŽ‰ Tag Manager: Improved with features such as description, preview and make copy. Read More Improvements Updated warning floats to improve clarity of next action

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vScope 3.22.0


vScope 3.22.0 May 5, 2022 Features πŸŽ‰ Nutanix Integration: Fetch more assets by connecting vScope to Nutanix Improvements Filter Service Cards based on layout in vScope Service Mapping Pagination of Service Cards to enhance performance and loading time Create a new price list from an existing version in vScope Billing Updated Azure integration allowing

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vScope 3.21.0


vScope 3.21 April 18, 2022 Features πŸŽ‰ vScope Library: Browse and manage all vScope's content in one place. Learn more πŸŽ‰ Collections: Arrange content based on eg. use cases, customers, or organizational units. Learn more Bug Fixes Deadlock while loading JDBC drivers Properties: 'Cannot read properties of undefined' Creating group with same name as

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