vScope 3.28

3.28.2, 4 December, 2023

What’s New

Create shortcuts to your favorite assets in Dashboards

Shortcuts to various IT Service assets in vScope Dashboard

Create custom widgets and shortcuts to various assets in vScope. This is perfect if you want to eg. document specific IT services in a dashboard for a specific customer or organizational unit. You can choose exactly the values you want to show in the shortcut which enables even more customizability, why not show configurations of a server, or user activity for a user account?

An example of where shortcut widgets can be created

You can either create Shortcut widgets from scratch (In Edit Dashboard) or quickly add Properties to a Dashboard by selecting “Add to dashboard”

How to add a shortcut to an asset directly from Properties

Where to find…

👉 You can quickly create shortcuts from Properties, or build them from scratch in Edit Dashboard > Create Widget > Shortcut Widget

New Asset Types: Azure API Management

Documentation of Azure API Products in vScope
In this release, we’ve integrated support for inventorying Azure API Management in vScope. Azure API Management is a comprehensive solution facilitating the creation, deployment, and management of APIs. With vScope, users can now gain a centralized view of critical asset types, including APIs, API Products, and Service Subscriptions within their Azure API Management environment.

Inventoried Azure APIs

Moreover, the added functionality allows mapping relationships to user accounts, providing a nuanced understanding of the API ecosystem. This heightened visibility empowers teams by making essential API management information accessible to a broader audience within the organization.

Learn more about Azure API Management

Bundled Content

To help you get started, we have created some bundled content for you:


Azure API Management User Accounts Documentation
User accounts and their access to various Azure APIs via subscriptions. Adjust and expand it as needed based on your specific use case and documentation requirements.

Azure API Products Documentation
Explore a detailed overview of API Products within Azure API Management, featuring essential information to streamline your understanding and utilization.

Azure APIs Documentation
Customize the information as needed to align with your specific use case and documentation requirements.

  • Azure API Management: Changed Subscription Scope
  • Azure API Management: New Server Subscriptions Added

Where to find…

👉 To enable inventory of Azure API Management, go to Discovery > Credentials > Azure and enable “Azure API Management”. After the next discovery, you will be able to search for Azure API Management to find bundled content.

💡 Notice: You need to subscribe to vScope Cloud Module to access these new asset types.

Creation Date, Created By, Last Modified Date, Last Modified By, for IT Services

View when IT services was created or modified

New Meta Data Fields for IT Services allows you to better understand when IT Services were updated, and changed and who made the change.

Where to find…

👉 These fields are available to any user in Tables > IT Services > + Columns.

Change the layout of IT Services

How to create a copy and changing layout of an IT service

If you want to change the layout for an IT service, you can choose to copy the IT service and select a new layout for the copy.

💡 Notice: Only values in fields that exist in both layouts will be copied.

Where to find…

👉 Go to an IT Service > Copy.

Bugs & Improvements

  • Show username for the user account running a Job.
  • Updated links in Discovery: You can now find links to guides and FAQs when adding data sources.
  • Add more details about Permission Groups in the dropdown in Single Sign-On.
  • Fix for deleted group is still shown as a collaborator.
  • Fix for multi-input does not handle long values.
  • The last remaining column in the table cannot be removed but can be unchecked.
  • Search Icon is shown though it should not be shown in Share snapshot.
  • Hide non-static/non-configuration tags from Timeline in Properties. This means that vScope by default hides dates and values that change every day.
  • New Content: New slides on the Home Screen.
  • Display help text for the user to understand they could input multiple OIDs in an SNMP Credential.
  • Fix for format setting does not affect Date TagsExplain to the user why groups are not found when using AD as a directory service.
  • Update Jetty to 10.0.18
  • Group mapping values are not reset when changing tabs in Directory integration.
  • Clearing reply-to address makes email sending fail.
  • Various usability updates in vScope Billing
    • Add a search field in the dropdown when creating Price items.
    • Show the number used by the billing account in the Price list header.

3.28.1, 13 November, 2023

What’s New

Smart suggestions helping you during your workday

Popular columns in Tables in vScope

Popular Columns, based on our smart suggestion engine, have been added to Tables to help you sort among thousands of values about your assets. Popular Columns learns from your behaviour, and automatically improves its suggestions based on how

Where to find:

👉 Popular Columns are available to any user in Tables under + Columns.

Improved visibility of where assets have been found

vScope displaying information about data sources

Quickly understand the contributing data sources to an asset with the new “Found By” section on top of every Asset Properties.

Where to find:

👉 Data sources are now shown in Properties of any asset.

Explore IT Service relationships in Tables using Tags

Create a tag with tag from relationship in vScope

Create custom tags and build tables about IT services that looks exactly they way you want. By Exploring and adding tags from relations to other assets, you can now show various values from related IT Services in the same table. This is very powerful if you want to more easily understand configurations and documentation about dependencies among different IT Services.

Where to find:

👉 As Administrators and Contributors in vScope, you can access this features by accessing Tables > Create Table > IT Services > Create Tag > Tag From Relationship > IT Service

Navigate to different

Example of how to navigate to various tables  from a widget

You can now navigate to different tables that are used as source for a ratio or comparison widget. Just click on the number you are interested in and you will navigate to the underlying table.

Where to find:

👉 Available to any Ratio and Comparison widget. Notice that you must have permission to view the underlying table for this to work.

Bugs & Improvements

  • Added links to guides for how to connect to data sources to vScope.
  • Fix for Azure Credential missing Inactive Devices toggle.
  • Fix for Tags from Discovery that sometimes did not not work from the latest release.
  • Fix for Veeam Backup scan sometimes aborting.
  • Fix for erroneous stitching of assets, mainly from VMM.
  • Various UI bug fixes in vScope Billing.
  • Various UI improvements, standardizing different views in vScope.

3.28.0, 26 October, 2023

What’s New

New Design: Browse your Billing reports in a completely new way

Billing in vScope

Notice 👉 We are continuously rolling out this facelift during October. Please get in touch if you want this update as soon as possible.

Revamped Design: Say hello to vScope Billing’s fresh and modern interface. We’ve given it a sleek makeover, making your billing reports more visually appealing and user-friendly.

Agreement Overview: You can now easily access a full overview of agreements associated with each billing account. This feature streamlines the process of managing and tracking your agreements, providing you with all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Enhanced Navigation: Our new design provides a more structured and user-friendly layout. You’ll find it even easier to navigate seamlessly from your billing account to specific agreements and dive into detailed billing information or price lists. This improved structure ensures you can effortlessly find the data you need.

Bugs & Improvements

  • Fix for not being able to add connection to Azure.
  • Fix for broken Veeam inventory.