vScope 3.29


February 5, 2024

What’s new

Custom Tag Collection from Azure RM

Tag from Azure RM

Enhance your cloud environment inventory in vScope by creating custom tags with values sourced directly from your Azure RM environment. This new feature allows you to tailor vScope’s inventory to include more data points relevant to your needs, enriching your cloud management capabilities.

Proper Bulk Actions

Bulk action sin vScope

We’ve streamlined bulk operations throughout vScope, enhancing your ability to manage large volumes of data and content efficiently on key overview pages, including IT Service Overview, Library, and Billing.

Easier search in vScope Billing

Searching in vScope Billing

Navigating through extensive billing details is now simpler. Our enhanced search functionality across all Billing sections allows you to swiftly filter and display only the information relevant to you, making it easier to manage and review your billing items.

Bugs & Improvements

  • Fix for related assets not updating when saving an IT Service.
  • Fix for not being able to push user settings to selected users and groups in User Management.
  • Fix for duplicate MAC addresses causing stitch issues for machines.
  • Fix for warning icons on IT services not always showing.
  • Various UI fixes to tables, settings, billing, and IT Services.

February 5, 2024

What’s new

Introducing PowerShell: Custom inventory of Registry Keys

Powershell in vScope

With PowerShell, you can now enjoy a more flexible and customizable approach to documenting and reporting on your IT assets. Using PowerShell to discover your IT infrastructure will unlock additional features such as Just Enough Administration (see below).

Printscreen of Windows Registry

The first step to a more flexible inventory is discovering custom keys from the Windows Registry. Try it out today!

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Enhanced Permission Management with Just Enough Administration (JEA)

A simple diagram on how Just Enough Administration Works.

JEA allows IT administrators to define and implement precise, role-based access control to their IT environments. By leveraging JEA within vScope, you can delegate sufficient permissions for vScope to read the exact data you want it to read on each server/client asset.

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New interface for creating tags from discovery

Managing tags in vScope

We’ve updated the flow for creating a tag from discovery. This allows for a smoother experience when collecting custom values from your data sources, and adding them to tags in vScope.

How to create custom tags from discovery in vScope

Bugs & Improvements

  • You can now search in tables in Properties.
  • Fix for long dropdown headings being cut-off.
  • Fix for duplicate values in Asset Serial Number from Desktop Central.
  • Fix for not being able to delete notes from Properties.
  • Fix for not being able to add ‘False’ as tag value.
  • Fix for filters not being case insensitive when creating tags. If you want to use case sensitive filtering, please refer to hHow to use regular expressions in vScoperegular-expressions-in-vscope
  • Fix for not showing text area in IT services.
  • Fix for scroll issue when testing credential in Discovery Manager in Azure.
  • A few other fixes for consolidating the UI.