vScope 3.26

3.26.1 April 13 2023


  • Fix for vScope Billing not loading after Directory Machines have been removed.

3.26.0 April 11, 2023

New Features:

  • View tags from neighboring assets, based on relation. Read all about it in this blog post.


Major update of IP Insight

  • Showing a legend of what the different colors mean.
  • Fix for not properly mapping IP address.
  • Any IP address now always redirects the user to Properties for IP Address.


  • vScope now shows a warning whenever one of your proxy installations is out of date (in Discovery Manager > Proxy).


  • Fixes for tags missing values for Certificates
  • Various bug fixes related to stitching, and merging duplicate assets based on conflicts trying to uniquely identify the asset.
  • An endpoint has been deprecated from the Azure Intune API, deviceUpdateStates. We are investigating if we can replace this endpoint with a new one. Until then, this will affect the following vScope tags:
    • Intune Windows Feature Update Version
    • Intune Windows Quality Update Version
    • Intune Windows Update Last Check-In Time
    • Intune Windows Update Last Scan Time
    • Intune Windows Update Status