Better view of backup health,
configuration and data protection

vScope 3.3 introduces completely new information related to backup and also improves existing functionality. All to help you collect the information you need in one place.

New product – vScope Backup!

Introducing Veeam Backup in vScope, allowing organizations to keep their data safe by providing a better overview of all backup jobs including status, configurations, duration, options and much more. vScope aggregates all relevant information in one view and lets you build reports about backup without any prerequisites required. The neat thing with using vScope Backup is that you can connect backup information with all of your existing vScope data. This allows you for instance to trace information from VMs and databases to storage and backup.

Examples of use cases:

  • Automatically identify machines without backup
  • Find long running backup jobs
  • Get notified about failed backups
  • Veeam Backup snapshot still in VMware

The information will of course also be available on the Properties page (notice that you have full historical traceability of every configuration):

The functionality is licensed in the product vScope Backup and is available as a trial for any organization running vScope. Learn more about vScope Backup and get started at the vScope Backup – Product page.

Adding Properties page for User groups

One often requested feature, a properties page for user groups that makes it easy for you to overview settings and configurations, is here. Investigate group size, users, nested group settings, creation dates and much more from the page that is available in vScope 3.3.

In order to view the User group page you a subscription of vScope Directory is required.

Additional news

Improved version filtering – Now supported for Operating systems and Applications

Filter all applications that has a version number lower than for instance 2.8.3 is tricky but very important when you need to build reports about eg. impact of applications vulnerabilities. vScope 3.3 includes smarter filter functionality that allows you to more easily build Tracker cases and analysis about applications and operating systems.

Below is a short how-to showing the steps to (in this case) filter every java application that has a version below 8.1

(Notice that the same method is used for Operating systems!)



  • Added Domain admin (true/false) as a property to the User Properties page
  • We have started adding some valuable/educational links in vScope to help you get started


  • Files Cannot Grow tag has been renamed to Files Reached Max Size

Tracker cases

  • New Tracker cases related to Linux added, including:
    • Pending Updates
    • Pending Security Updates
    • System Restart Required
  • New Tracker cases related to Files Reached Max Size
  • Last Windows Patch is older than 30 days


  • Improved stability in the Docker probe
  • Improved WinRM probe making it more stable

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for duplicate instanceIDs from MS SQL
  • Fix for “Unknown host exception” (HTTP)
  • Fixes in the VMware probe related to missing VMs
  • Fix for reusing WMI credential for LDAP does not copy all relevant values

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