Introducing IP Insight – the ultimate tool for IP Address Documentation

As a part of vScope’s IT inventory platform, IP insight provides you with a comprehensive overview of all IP addresses discovered by vScope. With IP Insight, you can easily document IP addresses, saving you valuable time and resources. IP Insight will be rolled out during the upcoming month.

Print screen of IP Insights in vScope

IP Insight until today, has only been included in vScope Network Module. It was a highly appreciated tool and loved by our users since it gave them an easy way to visualize IP addresses discovered by vScope. For the upcoming month, we will roll out IP Insight to any vScope that has licensed the IP Address asset type (ie. Certificate, Client, Cloud, Database, Printer, Server, Storage, Virtualization).

IP Address Documentation: A brief overview

Notice 👉 You need to be an Administrator, Contributor, or User to access IP Insight

IP Insight can easily be accessed under Library > Add-Ons. The UI is divided into two parts.

Top part: IPs in discovered ranges

IP Insight in vScope

The top part of the IP Address documentation, shows IP addresses that are in a range discovered by vScope. In this view, you can find out how crowded your ranges are, or understand how you Discovery can improve finding identifying IPs only found by port scan. Please notice that you can hover over IP Addresses to learn more about what device is attached to the IP.

Bottom part: IPs in non-discovered ranges

IP Insight in vScope

The bottom part shows IPs discovered by vScope that are in a range not discovered by vScope. This helps you identify IP addresses that might be incorrectly configured, which can lead to potential security risks or operational issues. Very neat!

Additional features: tagging and increased discovery scope

With IP Insight you can short-cut to other features in vScope. Such as:

  • Managing targets in Discovery Manager
  • Adding a rule-based tag based on the IP scope.
  • Click on any IP Address to drill down and understand related assets to your IP Addresses.
  • Find free IP by clicking “Find Free”

Mouse pointer over a thin bar

Feel free to Get in touch if you need help to get started!


April 25, 2023

John Almvärn at vScope

Anton Berghult
Product Management

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