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Empowering Collaboration and Efficiency for Green Landscaping’s outsourced IT Operations

Should IT departments keep their IT operations in-house or is it more profitable to outsource it? This issue continues to divide IT departments and there are pros and cons with both options. To untangle this issue we spoke with Jonas Hallenbom, IT manager at Green Landscaping, about outsourced IT, the opportunities and challenges facing IT departments, and how a common IT tool can improve collaboration.

Svensk Markservice is part of the Green Landscaping Group and is a Swedish market leader in ground service. Their IT environment consists of 1000 users, but only two IT employees. A while ago the IT manager Jonas and his colleague decided to outsource all their IT operations and support to an outsourcing partner. In order to obtain a reliable delivery of IT, Jonas and his colleague work closely with the outsourcing partner and they divide the tasks among them. Jonas and the colleague manage decisions and follow-up while the outsourcing partner handles all external support.

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But let’s rewind a little. In fact, the decision to outsource the IT was not completely straightforward for Jonas and his colleague. As the company grew, the IT environment became increasingly complex and included more companies and users. They were then faced with the decision to either keep IT operations in-house or bring in external expertise. Due to cost and efficiency reasons the decision was made to outsource the IT. Since then Jonas and his colleague have had a solid collaboration with their outsourcing partner.

The successful cooperation between the parties was facilitated by bringing in vScope. vScope functions as a common platform between Green Landscaping and the outsourcing partner and gives both parties insight into the IT environment. vScope runs through the information and contextualizes it so that different stakeholders have access to information that is relevant to their particular role.

“– The problem did not concern a lack of information but rather that the information was not compiled and easily accessible,”
J. Hallenbom, IT manager, GREEN LANDSCAPING

vScope was the preferred option from both IT, and out sourcing partner.

During the decision-making process, both the IT department and the outsourcing partner were involved in the decision to bring in vScope as a shared platform. For Green Landscaping, it was important that both parties could benefit from vScope and it has since lived up to the expectations. When we asked Jonas about the biggest differences before and after the implementation of vScope, speed, reduced costs and increased security are three aspects that are highlighted:

1. It is quicker to get hold of important information

Information regarding the IT environment, active users, licenses and central server is available directly in vScope. Therefore, Green Landscaping no longer needs to contact its outsourcing partner to gain access to important information, which saves time for everyone involved.

2. Reduced costs

With a common tool, it is easier to gain control over which services you pay for from your external operating partner. “It is also easy to see cost distribution per unit and user. Now it is easier to ensure that the costs do not escalate” says Jonas.

3. Increased security

Green Landscaping’s organization is decentralized in several aspects, including users being scattered throughout Sweden but also among separate companies. This complicates Jonas and his colleague keeping track of what is going on, for example, if new employees need access to various systems or if others have resigned and should be removed. With vScope Jonas can rest assured that their systems do not contain inactive users and clients, which leads to increased security (and reduced costs!).

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