vScope 3.23.0


May 30, 2022


  • Fixed styling in Tracker
  • Updated Save button behavior in Table Explorer


May 23, 2022


  • 🎉 New integration: Microsoft 365 Defender
  • 🎉 Tag Manager: Improved with features such as description, preview and make copy. Read More


  • Updated warning floats to improve clarity of next action
  • Performance improvements related to Azure signInEvents
  • Updated placeholders in Discovery Manager
  • Improve data quality of CustomSQL
  • Get tags from related resource: All Machines <=> IT Service
  • Display layout of an IT Service as a tag in Table Explorer
  • Updated redirect warning floats
  • Collaborate: Groups are displayed before Users in Collaboration dropdown

Bug Fixes

  • IMEI causes parsing error for xlsx import
  • Fix for owner showing ‘null’
  • SSO Setting: Button is not disabled on save