Tag Manager: Preview and manage tags created in vScope

With the latest update of vScope, you can preview tag configurations directly in Tag Manager to better manage all user created tags. Using tag descriptions allows you quickly describe the tag setting, allowing more people to understand user-created tags.

Notice 👉 You need to be an Administrator or Contributor in vScope to access Tag Manager

Background: About tags

Tags are used to add additional information about assets to vScope; information that cannot be inventoried from, or does not exist a data source. Every tag in vScope consists of a name (eg. Office Location) and a value (eg. Sweden). While tag names are fixed, you can assign values to assets using rules. This is a great feature if you want to add eg. ‘Sweden’ as value to the tag ‘Office Location’ to any Computes that have a domain containing ‘.se’. Tags that you have created can be viewed and manage in Tag Manager.

Preview Tag Settings

Instead of opening each tag in Table Explorer, you can now preview tag settings directly in Tag Manager. Just expand the tag you want to preview, and click the value.

Tags in vScope

Add Descriptions to tags

Tags can have very complex filter settings and are therefore not always easy to understand a glance. You can easily explain why these filters are being used by adding descriptions to tags.

Creating tag in vScope

Create a copy of an existing tag

Sometimes you want to create a new tag by just making minor changes to an existing tag. Use Copy tag quickly copy every tag setting to a new tag.

Copy tag in vScope

What we’ve learned…

  • Tags consist of a name and a value
  • Rule-based tags allow you to add additional information about your assets, based on rules (eg. filter)
  • Tag configurations can be previewed in Tag Manager without going to Table Explorer
  • Tag values can have descriptions to better describe why this tag configuration exists
  • Create a copy from an existing tag to work faster and more seamless

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MAY 23 2022
Author Soroush Pourhadi

Product Marketing

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