Collaborate with your team

vScope is a shared platform for IT where everyone has access to the same information at the same time. Prevent misunderstandings caused by inaccurate reports and provide everyone with the same opportunity to do a good job.

Sharing is managed in the Collaborators menu shown in the pictures below! Information that was previously hard to share within the organisation is now easily distributed to those who need it. Whether it’s the HR department that needs a list of all user accounts in the Active Directory or the CFO that wants an overview of all licenses in use.

You can also share the insight of your reports to individuals outside your organization by exporting a spreadsheet and mailing it to them manually! Want to learn more on sharing and collaborating then head on over to Share & Collaborate – vScope Support.

Centralize all your relevant data!

Continue on to the next part where we’ll demonstrate how you can complement the data in vScope with additional information from spreadsheets and other documents.