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Consolidated IT documentation through automation, that’s how vScope provides the Thule Group with IT management featuring full visibility across their entire infrastructure. With IT spread across multiple platforms, countries, and regions, vScope gives the global company the difference needed to succeed.
For the Thule Group, everything is about making it easy to live an active life. Car roof cargo boxes, bike racks, bags, and strollers are a few examples of products in its catalog.

Thule’s brand is known worldwide — from the beaches of Australia to the ski resorts in the Alps — for its quality and combination of design with functionality. The IT department at the Thule Group consists of more than 25 employees spread across the world. As a team, they are responsible for successfully delivering first-class IT services for the entire organization. However, aligning team members, projects, and technologies at a global level is challenging. The lack of overview forces IT management to rely on insights and reports provided by individuals closer to the infrastructure.

– Follow up on billing statements, license assignments, laptop documentation, versions of antivirus… There are countless reports that I might need for whatever reason.

“I was relying on manual documentation of our IT infrastructure. Collecting all data required us to navigate through different UIs, different logins… It caused a lot of friction in our workflow” says Anders Olsson, Global IT Director of Infrastructure at the Thule Group. “And in the end, no one took full responsibility for the spreadsheets being updated.”

Working in a global enterprise, Olsson is often in need of quick updates about assets and the current state of the IT environment. Previously, he had to sign in to multiple portals or ask system technicians for answers.

“Follow up on billing statements, license assignments, laptop documentation, versions of antivirus… There are countless reports that I might need for whatever reason. Instead of having someone compiling these reports for me, I’m now self-sufficient with vScope getting the reports I need”.

Everyone is on the same page

Insights are easily shared between team members, many of whom are based in different countries and time zones. vScope has become the central platform to gain quick insights into both management and IT operations.

“We’ve consolidated documentation for the entire IT infrastructure with vScope. People can quickly access updated documentation whenever they want. Sweden, Brazil, in-house, cloud, Adobe, Active Directory – it’s all in vScope!” says Olsson.

“As a result, we now have a single point of visibility. It is a major time saver and allows everyone to be on the same page. Better decision making, improved communication, more agile processes, and in the end, better end-user experience.”

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