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Lack of time, a complex IT environment and putting out fires are common descriptions when employees in IT share what they spend their work hours on. But it does not have to be this way. We have been in contact with Åsa Woolke, support technician at Swedish municipality Kristinehamn, who shares how they use vScope to free up time, identify trends and work proactively with the development of their IT.

The information is collected in one place

Today’s IT and digitization departments meet high expectations in terms of both speed and work capacity. Add to that the fact that many departments still rely on manual labor to retrieve information. This leads to IT employees wasting their time and energy on tasks that could have been done automatically. The result is stressed IT employees and a growing pile of cases that need to be managed.

“No one can keep track of 3000 users and 2000 computers”- Åsa Woolke

The quote from Åsa illuminates the expectations that employees in IT are faced with. Before Kristinehamn municipality’s digitization department reached out to vScope for help they also relied on manual retrieval of information. “The information was outdated before we could even use it. Now vScope does the work for us and all data from the AD and SCCM is displayed graphically and in real time” says Åsa.

With the help of vScope, employees can rely on automatically updated information as a basis for decision-making. In other words, they now have full control over thousands of users and computers which was previously considered an impossible task.

Identify trends and plan ahead

With all the extra time the department saves they can now devote to work proactively to meet future needs. Åsa says that a previously common scenario in their business was that managers with financial responsibility who had resigned still remained in the system. Consequently, employees did not get their orders or applications for leave approved. The digitization department solved the problem by introducing vScope to the HR department. Tailored dashboards have allowed them to detect similar changes so they can act immediately. “We can see in vScope when such changes occur and fix the error before it has turned into a problem” says Åsa.

Harmful trends can also be detected using vScope. For example, many IT departments are faced with recurring incorrect login attempts. “When the information is gathered in one place, it is easier to identify ongoing trends that can have a detrimental effect on the organization” says Åsa.

Are you also interested in how you can work proactively with the development of your IT? Together we will find a solution that fits your organizational needs.

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