PostNord Strålfors overviews its IT landscape with vScope

In late 2018, PostNord Strålfors decided to approach vScope to get a better overview of its IT infrastructure. This task is quite complicated in a large and complex IT organization. Viktor Sjöström, IT Infrastructure Delivery manager at PostNord Strålfors, shares how vScope has gathered their IT assets and helped to reduce complexity in their everyday work.

PostNord Strålfors’ IT infrastructure consists of approximately 1500 servers, a large AD and many more data sources that employees need to navigate between to obtain information. The components are constantly changing which makes it time-consuming to manually keep information regarding objects and their relationships up to date.When Viktor Sjöström, IT Infrastructure Delivery manager at PostNord Strålfors, came in contact with InfraSight Labs the timing proved to be just right. Viktor saw the potential in automatically inventorying the entire IT landscape and thus creating an overview of the infrastructure in a single interface.

Image of Viktor Sjöström at PostNord Strålfors
– With vScope, we can visualize our IT for the entire business. Now the staff themselves can look for information

More than just an overview

For PostNord Strålfors, the value increased over time and today vScope is used for more than just overviewing its IT. An emerging area of use is IT security. To exemplify, vScope is used when PostNord Strålfors analyzes and responds to the results of vulnerability tests and customer audits. vScope is useful both for information search but also to alert when certain criteria are met.

In addition, the automatic inventory feature proved to be invaluable. “It takes too long to keep a CMDB* of the infrastructure environment up to date, it is almost impossible to get an overview without an automatic tool that updates itself. For that we use vScope” says Viktor.

When we asked Viktor to highlight the main advantages of vScope, he emphasized the speed of the tool but also the close cooperation between the companies. “We received attention from the technical team from the start which was very important to me. We have always received very good support, which has helped us to integrate vScope with our complex IT environment” says Viktor.

*Configuration Management Database

About PostNord Strålfors

PostNord Strålfors is part of the PostNord Group and operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The company creates both digital and physical communication solutions for companies that contribute to improved customer relationships. In 2019, PostNord Strålfors employed approximately 700 people with a SEK 2 billion turnover.

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