“– There should never be more than one truth about your IT infrastructure”

Hässleholm municipality puts everyone on the same page using vScope

By using vScope’s asset management platform, Hässleholm’s IT team enhanced its ability to collaborate which helps to solve issues faster and deliver more cost-efficient IT. If you are interested in learning how Hässleholm municipality uses vScope to put everyone on the same page- keep reading!

Hässleholm’s municipal IT department is responsible for the delivery of IT to schools as well as other municipal agencies. Its mission is to offer the employees a high quality experience through thousands of digital units. And there is a catch: it cannot cost a fortune. This is a challenge most IT departments are struggling with.

In order to solve these issues Hässleholm municipality previously relied on decentralized documentation in order to keep track of assets such as servers, databases, printers and configurations.

“We have suffered from not having a single source of truth regarding our IT assets” says John Palmqvist, IT manager at the municipality of Hässleholm.

– Team members can collaborate more often while being self-sufficient, extracting reports and documentation.”

J. Palmqvist, IT manager, Hässleholm municipality

John wanted a “live documentation” that would always provide quick answers to IT-related inquiries such as licensing, security, patches, costs, configurations, and more.

“It is a huge challenge to keep the information updated. There should never be more than one truth regardless if you are responsible for the infrastructure, IT services, support, security or anything else” says John.

Quick and easy answers to IT related inquiries

vScope became the solution to Hässleholm municipality’s wishes. Together with InfraSight Labs they implemented vScope as the central source for IT reports. Shortly thereafter the team could start working with vScope which automates the documentation and reporting. As a result, the operational team could now spend less time on manual labour such as administration and documentation and instead devote their energy towards creating value for the organization.

“Team members can more easily collaborate while being self-sufficient in extracting reports and documentation. It has helped us to become more agile and speed up processes” says John.

John illuminates that with the help of vScope they could even distribute reports to other organizational stakeholders. There are several use cases where managers and administrative staff need reports from the IT-environment which has resulted in more than 200 users consuming reports in vScope.

Several months after the implementation of vScope we were curious to learn how it had worked out for Hässleholm municipality. The results were astonishing. The IT department had gained an increased understanding of their IT assets and sees great potential in securing a high quality service delivery.

“vScope definitely brings value to our organization. The inventory creates a great foundation for planning. This enables us to make more well-informed decisions in regards to operational matters but also investments and budgets” says John.

We are very proud to collaborate with Hässleholm municipality and asked John to conclude the vScope experience.

“It has been an overall positive experience and I see great potential moving forward. It is easier to manage and overview your IT when everyone works with the same information”.

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