A common overview of your IT assets creates better delivery of IT

Regardless of how your business organizes its IT assets, you have most likely experienced a similar situation:

Your IT department consists of employees with different areas of responsibility. One employee is responsible for operations and another for support matters. Out of nowhere you receive a call from your webmaster who tells you that the certificate for your website has expired without warning and that the website is now not working. Every minute that passes means lost sales corresponding to hundreds of dollars. This is critical! When you frantically try to log in to the system and fix the problem, you realize that you have forgotten your password and the colleague who has the authority to change it is on vacation. When you contact your colleague you are directly transferred to the answering machine. This is not the first time a similar situation arises…

Has this affected you too? Lack of access to and overview of IT assets are common but frustrating problems that can cause great damage to the business. They often result in IT departments having to put out fires rather than working proactively and strategically. The lack of access is often due to the fact that the information is dispersed between many different systems and people. This makes it difficult to get a comprehensive overview of ​​which assets you are responsible for and the relationships between them. But we have good news! Instead of sitting on your hands while waiting for your colleague to return from their leave you can gain increased independence in your work with the help of vScope.

vScope provides overview of your IT

vScope is an IT asset management tool that collects information about clients, servers and user accounts and makes it easily accessible in one place. Customized dashboards help you create an overview of the information that you are interested in. The information is also easy to share with those who need it. With all data gathered in one place you can get a notification before an incident, such as an expiring web certificate, occurs which helps you to avoid stressful situations such as the one above. 

In addition to accessibility and overview, perhaps what attracts most with vScope is the amount of unlocked time that can be allocated to tasks that have been postponed. Surveys indicate that Swedish CIOs experience a lack of time for strategic planning as one of the main challenges in their role. Whether your IT department wants to spend more time on strategic planning or other important tasks, an IT asset management tool can help you improve your IT delivery.

Do you want to find out more about how vScope can help your IT department create simpler processes and a more efficient delivery of IT? Contact us!


February 9, 2022

Soroush Pourhadi

Soroush Pourhadi

Customer Success

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