Veeam, CommVault or Veritas?


Veeam, Veritas or CommVault? In today's fast-paced world, customers and employees want their data available at all times and companies can't afford any downtime for mission-critical assets. But as we know, systems can crash for a number of reasons. At the same time more sophisticated forms of ransomware are emerging putting

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Patch Management Best Practices


Patch Management Best Practices If you’ve made it to this page I suspect you already know a little about patching and its importance. But in an ever-changing world with increasing digital threats, patching is more important than ever. This was recently showcased by the colossal Equifax breach that could've easily been

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Adobe Licensing Guide


Adobe Licensing Guide Adobe offers a whole myriad of different products and solutions for businesses both small and large that all require a license to run. In this article we will be breaking down and explaining the basics of Adobe licensing.  We'll also be sharing some tips and tricks on how

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VMware License Management


VMware License Management The majority of the servers around the world are virtual and the virtualization industry is booming. Within this booming market, there is one force that seems almost unstoppable, VMware. They hold the largest market share in the virtualization industry and you’d be hard-pressed not finding a VMware product

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Need IT documentation


Top 6 reasons why you need an excellent IT documentation We often speak about the importance of having an IT documentation but what are the benefits? I've put together a list and want to share it with you! Without any further ado, here are my top 6 reasons for working on the IT

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Top 7 Challenges For IT Operations Managers


IT Operations Managers have a big responsibility. They are managing an increasingly complex infrastructure while handling demands from business units, control costs and ensure that IT is delivered. It's a tough role with filled with challenges and headaches.

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Common Challenges for IT Technicians


IT Technicians are part of the back bone of any companies' core business, ensuring that IT services are delivered as expected. From our day to day work with our customers we have noticed that they all share several challenges.

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This is a Microsoft True-Up


The EA is a licensing option that targets large scale enterprises with at least 250 desktops or users, which wants to license them for a three year period. An EA isn't for everyone but has a really good value for organizations that wants cloud services and software licenses under one agreement.

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