IT asset management gives you better control of your information

As the amount of information in organizations increases, so does the need to gain increased control of the information for which they are responsible. Organizations that lack a common view of the delivery of IT become more dependent on technically competent employees in the IT department for access to important data. Crucial insights that could have been easily accessed by stakeholders within the organization have to take unnecessary detours via technicians in the IT department to reach the right person. This creates roadblocks that steal time and energy for both the IT department and the stakeholders. This unfortunately often results in inefficient and expensive work processes.

The inventory gives you an overview of your IT assets

To evade inefficient information channels, automated IT asset management is a practical tool for managing the organization’s IT assets – whether it concerns services, systems, or technical components. Inventory of the organization’s IT assets is the first step towards improved information management. Without an inventory solution, time-consuming manual work is required each time someone needs technical information that could otherwise easily be accessed by the person requesting it.

Increased independence mitigates dependencies on people

An IT asset management solution that automatically inventories and collects information saves time and reduces dependencies on people and workload for you and your IT technicians. The information is constantly updated which creates a solid foundation upon which decisions regarding the further development of the delivery of IT can be based. As if that were not enough, the stakeholders gain increased independence as they can immediately pick out the information they need. Win-win!

Below we summarize four main reasons for why you should get started with IT asset management:

  • Save time and money by knowing which assets are used and which only cost money.
  • Lift some workload off your IT technicians’ shoulders and let them spend their valuable time making a real difference to your business.
  • Facilitate remote work by making the information available to those who need it.
  • Increase IT security with alarms that warn you when something is not right.

If you are curious about how IT asset management can alleviate your everyday life in IT, feel free to contact us for solutions that suit you and your IT department.

JANUARY 28 2021

Soroush Pourhadi

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