The best way to add prices to IT assets

Add agreements, estimate costs, calculate prices, or just show the cost of IT. vScope Billing is the most flexible solution to add pricing information to IT asset management.

vScope price lists

Billing accounts
Assign IT assets to billing accounts to create client-specific billing reports.

Custom pricing
Estimate costs based on your company’s price model or cost structure.

Distribute & share
Send cost reports and billing details to anyone interested.

Add pricing information to your IT assets

vScope Billing is perfect for anyone looking to communicate the cost of IT. Whether you are an MSP sharing billing details with your customer or a company running its own IT infrastructure in-house, having accurate cost details at your fingertips can help you make the best-informed decisions.

You can even add automation to your billing process and be less dependent on key personnel. vScope is built to meet the diverse needs of any company.

Illustration of adding price items
Shows what a billing card looks like

It’s in the details

Drill down from a business perspective to understand how IT assets drive costs or calculate costs from a budget to know how each IT asset affects the bottom line.

You can aggregate by business unit, customer, service, user, vHost, or anything you want, to view costs in the context that your company needs.

Billing details and cost analysis at hand

Organizations have people spending days estimating the cost of IT or preparing billing details to customers. It is a complex, time-consuming task that requires know-how from both technical and business perspectives.

vScope Billing lets you speed up the processes related to IT billing and improve the overall understanding of what makes up the full cost of IT.

Illustration of billing basis

You’re in good company – 1000+ users world-wide.

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Sophisticated pricing rules

Add prices to anything from services, servers, and user accounts to CPU cores, SLAs, and SQL licenses. You can even package item pricing into custom offerings, like “Bronze/Silver/Gold” levels. vScope Billing allows you the flexibility to set up IT billing the way you want.

Creating sophisticated pricing rules can do all the calculations you need to standardize pricing across your business.

Illustration of billing details
Illustration of billing report

Kick-start your IT billing

Get a flying start with out-of-the-box billing practices, like price lists.

Don’t worry if your company currently doesn’t have the experience to calculate your IT assets’ prices. Using vScope Billing’s built-in templates and analysis can help you generate billing details within minutes. You can also make further adjustments and experiment with your company’s custom pricing rules along the way.

Standardize pricing

Managing multiple agreements, each with its individual pricing logic, is a nightmare. One minor adjustment in the price of an O365 license can quickly escalate and force you to make changes to all your agreements.

What your business needs is one standard price list for the basis of all custom versions. That way, changes can be made at any time to prepare for upcoming refinements.

Illustration of creating price item

Great experience out of the box.
Really happy with the introduction and demo from the vendor, who also keeps in touch after a PoC to help out in specific scenarios.

– M. Tukara Global IT Operations Manager, BUFAB
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Customer specific reporting

Put your entire IT infrastructure in the context of billing accounts. With vScope Billing, you can easily aggregate billing details based on each IT asset’s cost.

Then use vScope Billing to share billing statements either across your company or by sending reports directly to your customers – which, of course, you can schedule.

Illustration of list of billing accounts
Illustration of vScope UI

Send data elsewhere

Once you are happy with your IT billing setup in vScope, you can use the refined IT asset information to send it elsewhere. Why not automate a time-consuming billing process by integrating vScope with your BI system?

Use vScope’s API or any of the bundled integrations to allow information to flow seamlessly across systems. Relevant for services desks, generating invoicing details, or business reporting in Power BI.

Supercharge your organization with IT inventory!

vScope is trusted by companies worldwide, spanning various industries, to enhance IT collaboration and elevate quality standards.

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