The ultimate CMDB tool for IT operations teams

Everything IT operations need to know about the infrastructure in one place.
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Search and navigate every IT asset

vScope helps you centralize asset management for endless purposes. Whether you work in IT operations, service delivery, helpdesk, HR or any other business function, you’re able to do a better job by having the right information at the right time.

vScope Asset Management for IT operations offers:

  • Consolidation of IT assets – One single source of truth.
  • Boost productivity and team efficiency.
  • Make people self-sufficient with IT reports.
– We want to abolish static and out-dated Excel-documents that incorrectly details our live environment. vScope really gives you correct and up-to-date data.
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Replace spreadsheet documentation

Replace the statice server lists or IP plans that no one has time to maintain, with a fully automated CMDB.
With vScope you search, navigate and build IT documentation about any IT asset in your environment – no prerequisites required.
Illustration of vScope UI
Illustration of vScope UI

Automatically generate a CMDB from best practices

Built from feedback from hundreds of IT professionals, we know what the best CMDB should look like. Use built-in, standardized templates and make additional customizations as you go.
This way, you save loads of time from both creating and maintaining a CMDB.

Connect with your favorite systems

Automate data flows between your existing systems. With all data collected and structured in vScope it is easy to understand why you should let other systems make use of it. Your vScope comes with a open REST API from which you can build your custom integrations to any existing platfor
Illustration of vScope UI

Highlights from vScope for IT operations

Single point of visibility

No more logging into to the Azure portal, SCCM, AD or other systems to compile data.

No more scripting

Browse out-of-the-box reports or compile your own tables – without using powershell.

The ultimate CMDB

Add IT assets in context of a business service to bridge technical components with a service perspective.

Track any changes

Track any changes of configurations, decommissions and new assets across the IT infrastructure.


vScope for IT Operations

1. vScope Asset Management

Your central platform to document IT assets.

Databases (eg. MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL)
Virtualization hosts

+ 13 other asset types are included

2. Integrations

Populate vScope with data from existing platforms and apps � .

3. 25+ bundled reports

A collection of reports favorited by hundreds of vScope users working in IT operations.

Get a custom offer by register your organization. We offer enterprise agreements to larger companies. Please get in touch to learn more.