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Evaluate vScope through User Management Audit together with vScope Advisory during an Assisted Trial.

  • Complete mapping of your IT landscape in 30 days.
  • Easy to adapt to your specific needs.
  • vScope’s inventory runs and is operated 100% in your IT environment.
  • Concrete recommendations and walkthrough together with our Advisory.
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Enhance Your IT Security with Better Understanding of Your Account Management

Map and document account management in your IT environment. With the help of vScope, we inventory and structure a self-updating documentation of your entire IT infrastructure. Together, we review the report for User Audit Management and discuss the metrics and suggested improvements.

User Management Audit is part of a pilot of vScope that we call vScope Assisted Trial.

IT Ops Dashboard in vScope

Key metrics about your IT environment – Every day!

vScope’s Inventory & Discovery offers you the market-leading software for visibility across your IT landscape. vScope enables your organization to always have direct access to updated information and key insights that assist you with everything from licensing, compliance, and security, to IT documentation, IT billing, and lifecycle management.

Incredibly easy to set up and get started, and above all, an incredibly dedicated and skilled team that thinks “outside the box” and is always available to help users.

A Helping Hand in a Complex and Ever-Changing IT Industry

Our team of vScope Advisors helps businesses make better decisions and contributes to strengthening IT organizations around the world. We offer tailored support to ensure you stay informed about what matters most to you in the constantly changing IT industry.

Our suggestions are based both on industry standards and best practices, as well as knowledge and experiences from dialogues with thousands of other customers and users.

What’s Included

A comprehensive view of accounts, groups, policies, and domains

User Management Audit in vScope includes numerous interesting metrics, insights, and recommendations on what your account management looks like and how it can be improved. With the help of vScope’s History & Changes, the value of the vScope inventory report increases over time.

What’s in the Audit Report

Analysis & KPIs

  • User Accounts
  • Active vs. Disabled Accounts
  • Active Status Unknown
  • Users w/ Logon Activity
  • User Logon Activity Ratio
  • Unused User Accounts
  • New User Accounts (30 days)
  • Deleted User Accounts (30 days)
  • SSH Accounts
  • Domains
  • Largest Domains (Users)
  • Domains with min password length shorter than 8 characters
  • Domains that do not enforce complex passwords
  • Local vs. Domain users
  • Local Users Changes (30 days)
  • Guest Accounts
  • Inactive Users (90 days)
  • Unused Accounts Ratio
  • Failed Login Attempts (30 days)
  • Users w/ Weak Passwords (< 8 chars.)
  • User Accounts w/ Expired Passwords
  • Users w/ Password Not Required
  • Password Must Be Set Next Login
  • Active AD Domain Administrators
  • Indirect Administrator Member
  • Users w/ Administrative Role
  • New AD Domain Administrators (30 days)
  • Most frequent failed logins
  • Microsoft Entra ID Sign In Locations
  • Windows Kerberos Delegation
  • Test Accounts
  • Users w/ Logon Scripts
  • Empty user groups in the Active Directory
  • Empty groups in Google Workspace
  • Expired User Accounts
  • Expired user accounts still have a registered email
  • User Accounts That Have Been Locked
  • User accounts not logged in for six months
  • Managers
  • User Accounts without a Manager
  • Groups
  • Unchanged Groups (3 years)
  • Group Membership Changes (30 days)
  • New Groups (30 days)
  • AD Primary Groups
  • Members of Critical Admin Groups
  • Top 5: User Group Memberships
  • AD Organizational Units
  • Empty Organizational Units
  • Largest AD OU’s
  • Empty OUs Ratio
  • Active Directory: Group Policies
  • New Group Policies (30 days)


  • Active Directory: Active Users
  • Active Directory: Changes to Script Paths (30 Days)
  • Active Directory: Computers
  • Active Directory: Domain Administrators
  • Active Directory: Domain User Documentation
  • Active Directory: Empty Organizational Units
  • Active Directory: Group Policies
  • Active Directory: Group Policies Created Last 30 Days
  • Active Directory: Groups
  • Active Directory: Groups Critical for Administrators
  • Active Directory: Inactive Clients
  • Active Directory: Inactive Machines
  • Active Directory: Inactive Users
  • Active Directory: Inactive Users
  • Active Directory: Modified Users
  • Active Directory: New Domain Administrators
  • Active Directory: New Users
  • Active Directory: Organizational Units
  • Active Directory: UAC Flags TRUSTED_FOR_DELEGATION
  • Active Directory: Unchanged Groups
  • Active Directory: User Account Primary Group Overview
  • Active Directory: User Accounts with Short Password Length
  • Active Directory: User Accounts Without a Manager
  • Active Directory: Users & Password Expiry
  • Active Directory: Users & Script Paths
  • Active Directory: Users with Failed Login Attempts
  • Active Directory: Users with Failed Login Attempts (30 Days)
  • Azure AD Connect Settings
  • Changes to the number of Domain User Accounts
  • Changes to the number of Local User Accounts
  • Domain Controller Documentation
  • Domain Overview
  • Google Workspace: Groups
  • Google Workspace: Inactive User
  • Google Workspace: New Users
  • Google Workspace: Organizational Units
  • Google Workspace: Suspended Users
  • Google Workspace: User Accounts
  • Google Workspace: User Activity
  • Google Workspace: Users with Admin Privileges
  • Group Policy Links
  • Inactive Users with Licenses – 60 Days
  • Jamf: Local Users
  • Local User Accounts
  • Microsoft Entra ID User Activity
  • Microsoft Entra ID: Active Guest Users
  • Microsoft Entra ID: Disabled User Accounts
  • Unlinked Group Policies
  • Unused Licenses
  • User Documentation: Administrator Directory Roles
  • User Documentation: Deleted User Accounts
  • User Documentation: Domain & Password Settings
  • User Documentation: Enabled User Accounts With No Authentication (90 days)
  • User Documentation: Group Membership Changes 30 Days
  • User Documentation: Group Memberships
  • User Documentation: Groups
  • User Documentation: Guest Accounts
  • User Documentation: Indirect Administrator Membership
  • User Documentation: Microsoft Entra ID Last Logon Distribution
  • User Documentation: New Groups Last 30 days
  • User Documentation: Password Settings
  • User Documentation: Potentially Unused User Accounts
  • User Documentation: SSH Accounts
  • User Documentation: Status Unknown
  • User Documentation: Test Users
  • Users & Primary Devices
  • Users (Disabled) – Active Directory
  • Users – Adobe
  • Users with Assigned License Plans – Adobe
  • Users with Assigned Licenses
  • Users with Microsoft Teams Licenses


  • Local user accounts from both Windows & Linux OS
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Entra ID
  • Google Workspace
  • Adobe
  • SCCM
  • Oracle DB

Learn more about vScope’s Integrations

Assets in the report

  • User Accounts
  • Groups
  • Domains
  • Organizational units
  • Group Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

How does vScope inventory the IT environment?

vScope offers both Inventory and Discovery of IT environments, large and small. All data collection is done completely agentless, making vScope both safer and easier to get started with than other tools.

Read more about vScope Inventering & Discovery.

How is vScope delivered?

vScope is installed on a server in your data center, giving you full control over your data. The service is then consumed directly in the users’ browsers. You can easily manage rights and access directly in vScope, or via SSO and/or integration with Active Directory.

What does advisory mean?

We tailor our advisory services to the specific needs of your organization. Our suggestions are based both on industry standards and best practices, as well as knowledge and experiences from dialogues with thousands of other customers and users.

How many users have access?

There is no limit to how many users can utilize the information in vScope. You choose yourself the people you want to invite, as well as what information they should have access to.

Does vScope work in a closed environment?

Yes, vScope runs locally in your data center and does not require external internet access. vScope also supports inventory via proxy.

Do I get to keep the results?

Yes, during an Assisted Trial, we map out your entire IT environment and help you tailor the results to your organization’s needs. Whether or not you choose to proceed with subscribing to vScope, you retain all insights and documentation.

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