Getting Started with Your vScope Trial

Follow these steps to setup vScope in your IT environment.

1. Confirm your demo license

Make sure you, or someone else at your company, has accepted the trial agreement in the license portal. This will create a license key.

Log in to your account

2. Configure a server

Configure a server with the following recommended specifications for vScope installation:
– Windows
– 2 CPU Cores
– 12GB RAM
Server specifications may vary depending on the size of the infrastructure.

Read more about the server specifications

3. Connect accounts to extract data

Depending on what type of inventory you want to manage, you’ll need connect different user accounts, and have the right permissions. You can usually get started with just one admin account.

List of credentials

4. Installation

Installing vScope takes approximately 30-60 minutes and is done together with one of our Product Experts. Click the link below for a sneak peak on how it works.

Installing vScope

Done! You’re ready to get started

You’re now ready to explore your IT environment from a whole new perspective with the help of vScope. You can now access a library of reports, analysis and insights about your IT inventory!

Reach out to our Customer Success Team for guidance and help.

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