Introducing powerful reporting
features in Table Explorer

Once again it is time for an update of vScope. The first, and most obvious thing you will notice, is the redesigned version of Table Explorer but there are also a lot of other things that are included in this release.

Table Explorer – designed for faster insights in IT

Table Explorer is the most frequently used tool in vScope. It’s a cornerstone for analysis and exploration of the data in vScope. We have upgraded the user interface to make it as simple as possible to get started exploring your IT.

Here is how it’s done

  1. The “New Table”-button show all available table resources
  2. Add the columns that you are interested in
  3. Filter to only show what is relevant for you

And that’s it!

And here is how to take further actions:

Sharing a snapshot

Sometimes you quickly want to share your table of all the findings that you have discovered. This can be done via “Share Snapshot”. Sharing a snapshot will provide a link that leads to an exact copy of the table that your are looking at.

The snapshot includes:

  • Selected resource
  • Columns (and any sorting of the columns)
  • Filters added
  • Tabs

Collaboration – Reporting using Table Explorer

With the new “Collaboration” feature, you will now have full control of who can read and edit (write) your tables.

Additional news

Asset Management – Overview Monitors in vScope

vScope 3.1.0 includes a new resource type for all monitors connected to physical machines. Use vScope for a quick way to take inventory of all the monitors at your place.

Support for discoveries of Azure AD (BETA)

vScope Limited allows any organization to download and try vScope by themselves. We made sure to make the initial setup of vScope much easier, without our presence during the installation. So, go get started with vScopeing! For any questions occurs, online support are always available to help.

How to try out Azure AD (BETA)

The support for Azure AD is bundled but needs to be toggled on by us at InfraSight Labs. Please contact us either via the chat widget on this page or by sending us a message.

An easy way to create and manage API tokens

A first step towards integrating vScope to other systems is to create an API token. Maybe you have read our blog post about getting data out from vScope using a token. With the new API token manager, located in the settings page, you can much easier manage these tokens.



  • WinRM is now displayed in “Found By” column
  • Option to ignore empty schemas. This is an advanced option that is now available in Discovery Manager -> Credentials -> OracleDB
  • Complement NTP settings with value from registry
  • Get tag from related resource from User Group now available in tables about Users
  • Credential reuse is now available when adding Directory services
  • Improved stitching between Virtual Disks and Guest Physical Disks
  • Added a button in Tracker that opens the Discovery Wizard if no initial discovery has finished
  • MSSQL timestamps are no longer shown in ms


  • Better adoption of design elements when collapsing/expanding the sidebar.


  • AWS Instance ID
  • Overall State
  • Communication State
  • SAN Status Code
  • SAN Status Blocking Deployment
  • SAN Status Problem
  • SAN Status Parameters
  • SAN Status Recommended Action
  • Unsupported Error
  • Unsupported Error Blocking Deployment
  • Unsupported Error Problem
  • Unsupported Error Parameters
  • Unsupported Error Recommended Action
  • Refresher Error
  • Refresher Error Blocking Deployment
  • Refresher Error Problem
  • Refresher Error Parameters
  • Refresher Error Recommended Action
  • Needs Attention
  • Needs Attention Reason

Tracker cases

  • Transaction logs much larger than data in database
Veeam Backup:
  • Veeam Backup job failed
  • Hyper-V VMs not refreshed by VMM (VMM failed to refresh due to VM config error)
  • Hyper-V VMs not supported by VMM (Not supported by VMM due to config error)
  • Hyper-V VMs in need of attention (VMs with status that requires attention to resolve)
  • Hyper-V Host overall state not OK
  • Hyper-v Host communication state not Responding
Server & Client:
  • Antispyware is not enabled
  • Antispyware signatures not updated in 30 days
  • Antispyware signatures not updated in 45 days
  • Antivirus signatures not updated in 30 days
  • Antivirus signatures not updated in 45 days
  • Attachment scan not enabled
  • Consistency between anti spyware versions
  • Consistency between antivirus versions
  • Antivirus not enabled
  • 14 days since last full scan
  • 30 days since last full scan
  • NIS not enabled
  • Consistency NIS
  • 30 days since NIS Signatures last update
  • ON Access protection not enabled
  • 30 days since last quick scan
  • Real time protection not enabled
  • Defender service not enabled
  • Behaviour monitoring is disabled
  • Consistency in attachment scan
  • Consistency Defender Service version
  • Consistency ON access protection
  • Consistency NIS signatures
  • Consistency engine version
  • IIS installed but server is missing certificate
  • IIS service running but no certificate


  • Improvements in the VMware probe

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for misaligned selection circles in Discovery Manager
  • Fixes for erroneous filters in bundled table presets
  • Fix for broken links to external resources
  • Fix for various tags that does not show up in the UI due to license mapping
  • Fix for invalid delta space input in Table Explorer
  • Fix for Eye icon in Tracker not following on scroll
  • Fix for Omnisearch when loading new license to vScope
  • No more rounding errors in the filter panel

3.1.1 – Fix release


  • Generate default presets programmatically
  • AD Integration: Throttle connection attempts and notify admins after X consecutive failed connections
  • LDAP Probe/AD Integration: Convert AD specific error codes to human readable
  • Add icon that shows that the table has an applied time
  • Add new product in BETA: Container (Please contact us if you would like to try it out)
  • Add icons for Docker resources

Various bug fixes

  • Handle corrupt presets during migration
  • If table ACL is missing, treat the table as bundled
  • Clear table id when going to table explorer from a widget
  • Clear preset id when navigating to Table explorer from Tracker

Do you have any questions about this release?

Email us at customersuccess@infrasightlabs.com and we’ll happily tell you more.