vScope 1.7.8

Today, we released vScope 1.7.8. This release holds a number of good improvements. Mostly they are seen n the areas of Web, and Compliance, but there are also improvements in other areas, such as discovery and UI. Also note the useful “Unique-counter” in the aggregation bar at the bottom of all tables!

vScope 1.6

After more than three months hard work, the heaviest vScope ever has been released. Discover Windows-, Linux- and Unix-machines as well as Physical switches and more with a bunch of new probes. Get information about installed software products and software patches, improved UI, and a whole lot more. With this release, we’re taking vScope usage to a whole new level!
Read more in the release notes, and browse around on the updated webpages to see current screenshots and use-cases.

vScope 1.5

In vScope 1.5 there are a whole array of new functions to keep track of disk usage. Overview filesystems on each server, highlight the most critical ones. Get a full overview of the situation, avoiding full datastores and disks when using thin provisioning. And a whole lot more.

vScope 1.3.1

A new release of vScope is available. We dig deeper into “History Browsing”, a feature that was given a very warm welcome when introduced some while ago. vScope v1.3.1 brings many more improvements in that area and more. Read more in the release notes, or download vScope to see for yourself.

vScope 1.1.7

A new version of vScope is available. As usual, you can download it from download.vscope.net. Lot’s of new features and functions! Here are some examples:

  • Search your infrastructure like you search the web. Free text search and Saved Searches (previously “Queries”)
  • Many, many more configuration and performance metrics now available as “dynamic tags”!
  • Possibilty to design own reports in Table view
  • Export reports to xls, pdf and HTML
  • Smaller corrections and updates in previous reports
  • Test your infrastructure with Compliance-tool framwork
  • A proof-of concept library of compliance tests
  • Improved visualization in graph view
  • Print graph to file and printer (from project menu and on right click)
  • New vScope icon
  • Shortcut commands (F1 go to website, ctrl+u = upload service data, ctrl+f = search, ctrl+p = print, ctrl+s = save, ctrl+o = open, ctrl+n = new, ctrl+q = quit)
  • Handle licenses, purchases, invoices etc via Account pages (Help->My account). Create your own invoice or pay directly with PayPal
  • One-time licenses are now available
  • Performance and stability improvements in general

vScope 1.1.5

vScope 1.1.5 is here. As usual, we have made quite a lot of improvements. Below are some examples:

-Snapshot view
-Updated graph controls and graph layouts
-Moved graph layout to right-click menu
-Right click menu in graph view: Graph Layouts. Lists and runs layouts.
-Better layout after discovery
-Faster table view
-Updated metrics on networks, resource pools and cluste
-VMware probe stability updates (e.g. to handle duplicate mac addresses)
-Updated queries
-Faster reports
-Changed uploader to use https://upload.vscope.net and normal HTTPS port
-Added certificate for upload.vscope.net to list of trusted certificates

vScope 1.1

vScope v1.1 was released earlier today.

New functionality:
-Shortened time from “installation to real results” by simplifying start-up wizard
-Table view. A quick function to build tables based on your resources and your tags
-Support for resource pools and clusters
-Support for distributed switches
-Comment annotations from VMware as automatically set tag in vScope
-Support for Linux 32 and 64 bit
-Removed FastView and split functionality into Graph-, Table-, and Reports views

Also fixed various fixes based on customer feedback.

Do you have any questions about this release?

Email us at customersuccess@infrasightlabs.com and we’ll happily tell you more.