A holistic approach to IT

vScope at Deloitte AB

  • Automatic reports
  • Continuous health checks of the IT
  • Saves time on documentation and routine tasks

Auditing, Accounting, Tax advisory services, Consulting, Financial counseling


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Freeing up hours of work

Deloitte AB is one of Sweden’s leading firms in providing professional services within audit, consulting, financial advisory and tax. The company has its headquarter in Stockholm, and employs more than 1,100 people in Sweden. Being such a large organization, responsive and problem free IT is a cornerstone in order to maintain high efficiency and secure the quality of its employees.

Reduced workload

Manually compiling reports about a business’ IT steals time and often demands access to technical tools and systems. This results in people closer to the technology getting interrupted to create lists and reports for people further away from the technology.

vScope is built to break the silos of IT, take away routine tasks from daily operations and make insights easily accessible and useful. This is something that Deloitte AB has discovered. Before, it took them many hours to just do basic tasks such as documenting and perform routine health checks and follow-ups. Today, Deloitte AB is able to quickly obtain insights about basically anything about their IT – at any time – enabling them to free up a lot of resources.

Deloitte’s IT Manager, Lars Leonardsson, says:

– Automatic documentation and the ability of making dynamic reports have contributed to decrease the work load on the IT department enormously, which most certainly has saved us a lot of time and money. Thanks to vScope, we now have access to all of our IT in one view, which enables us to take quicker and better decisions when needed. Instead of spending valuable time on things like this, we can now use this time to develop and improve our IT operations.

“Faster and better decisions when necessary”

Magnus Falck, IT coordinator at Deloitte adds:

– vScope has become an IT library and the go-to-place for information about settings, configurations, changes or asset management. This has allowed us to take a more proactive approach to IT and that the need for real time monitoring has decreased.

Guiding IT in the right direction

vScope includes Tracker, an automatic analysis engine of the collected data. Tracker comes bundled with hundreds of analysis that span across multiple platforms such as virtualization, security, storage, applications, etc. Falck says that Tracker helps them to point out potential problems at an early stage by guiding the users to possible improvements.

– vScope helps us to prioritize our daily work and spend our time on the right tasks.

Leonardsson continues on Tracker:
– The future of IT is about identifying trends and potential problems to work proactively. By using vScope, we have the ability overview multiple systems in one product. Something that we did not have before and something that enables us to take a more holistic approach to IT.

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