Intelligent Server Inventory for Everyone in Your IT Organization

Empower individuals at all levels of your IT organization with information the server infrastrucutre. From beginners to experts, vScope makes server inventory management accessible and efficient for everyone.

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Phase out manual spreadsheets

Servers are so central in the IT that everyone should know about them. Organizations use real time monitoring, scripts and spreadsheets to collect and document information about one of the most important building blocks in the infrastructure. These kind of workflows silos the information, makes it dependant on key persons and harder to access for people that might need it the most.

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Increased transparency

Make it easy to access accurate information about servers. With vScope Server you no longer have to rely on key persons for the information you need.

Increased productivity

Spread knowledge within the organization and allow people access the information they need, when they need it. This facilitates productivity and more efficient workflows.

The server information in a context

Merge server information with information from other resources such as services or databases and build customized reports for your need.


A multi-purpose platform

Build reports and documentation about anything

vScope Server includes all the information you need to build reports about basically anything. Patch reports, SLA follow ups, application documentation, licensing audits and much, much more.

Access full history

Compare changes in configurations over time to identify anomalies, build followup reports or just staying updated about the environment.

Get started with bundled analysis

Don’t worry if you have never used vScope before. vScope will help you get started exploring your IT with built-in analysis within eg. GDPR, capacity planning, security and patch management.

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Key Features

vScope Server enables a variety of use cases for IT organizations.

  • Automatic application inventory

  • Prepare for the Microsoft audit with bundled reports

  • Supports Windows, Linux, MacOS and Unix

  • Automatic patch reports

  • Spectre/Meltdown analysis for both Windows and Linux servers

  • Documentation of all local domain administrators

  • Security audits of eg. firewall settings, RDP configurations and vulnerable applications

  • Permission settings on all file shares

  • Identify servers missing installed antivirus

  • GDPR reports about best practices of server configurations

Product specification



WMI (Windows OS)

WinRM (Windows OS)

SSH (Linux, Unix, MacOS)

Data & Information
  • Applied Group Policies
  • Active local user accounts
  • DNS settings
  • Group settings
  • Installed Applications
  • Last Patch Date
  • Operating System
  • Port configurations
  • OS Speculative Execution Mitigations Enabled

And 100+ more

Reports & Analysis
  • DNS consistency
  • File systems estimated full
  • Group policy version has changed
  • Last patch date older than 30 days
  • Low file system usage
  • Machines with localhost as DNS-server
  • OS Last Shutdown was unexpected
  • Windows Update detection error

And 50+ more

Let’s go!

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