Active Directory Documentation made easy

Automatically inventory and document users, groups and permissions with vScope

A laptop infront of a Dashboard from vScope
Table Explorer in vScope

No scripting needed

vScope automatically creates the Active Directory audit for you on daily basis without you having to write manual scripts.


Visualize configurations, accounts and permissions in a easy-to-use UI without any prerequisites needed

Find obsolete records

Quickly list all unused GPOs, groups or inactive users to be removed.

Built-in reports

Leverage from automatic reports about group policy objects, domains, users and groups.

Detailed view of assets in Properties in vScope

What is included?

vScope is your go-to-place for all you need to know about your Active Directory
  • General domain information

  • Group Policy Objects

  • Users

  • Groups

  • Relationships

  • Historical traceability

Use case

How to save $8000 per year using a vScope Directory audit

Track and find inactive user accounts and remove them from your license plan.

Learn how

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