Add prices and create billing reports about your IT environment

Automate recurring billing reports based on custom pricing rules. vScope IT Billing helps IT organizations level-up their billing or cost analysis routines to increase transparency of their delivery.


  • Recurring billing reports based on custom price lists.

  • Assign assets to Billing Accounts.

  • Create packages such as Gold, Silver, Bronze servers.

  • Up-and-running in no time with bundled price lists.

Built-in price lists

Use bundled price lists or customize your own.

Price value-added-services

Bill for services, support, consultancy hours, and more.

Package pricing

Create package-based pricing, e.g., Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Estimate & evaluate

Full traceability allows you to view billing history and forecast.

30+ Integrations & Connectors

vScope automatically collects information from data sources and devices on the network.

Learn more about vScope’s integrations

Various integrations used for IT Reporting

This is how vScope works…



Connect vScope to any data source in your IT environment. Network discovery is also an option.



vScope automatically inventories data sources and discovers assets on your network.



Assets and data across data sources are automatically linked by vScope.



Track, discover, and explore your IT environment. Reports, insights , and dashboards are easily shared with anyone in your organization.

In good company

An award-winning product and an amazing team to ensure your success.

– vScope has become an IT library and the go-to place for information about settings, configurations, changes, or asset management. This has allowed us to take a more proactive approach to IT and the need for real-time monitoring has decreased.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have several price lists?

Yes! You can either use one universal price list or you can create dedicated lists for every account you charge. You can even create different versions of a price list to account for future price changes.

What can I charge for with vScope?

Pretty much everything! Number of servers, displays, laptops, support tickets, computer size, back-up and RAM, type of operating system, type of customer, and SLAs. You may choose if you want base your pricing on inventoried data or manually from user-submitted data.

Can I export the data?

Yes! You can choose to give the customer a limited view, export it to an excel file, or integrate it to vScope Billing via an API.

  • How is vScope delivered and installed?

    vScope is installed on your server which gives you full control of your data. The service is accessible from your browser. Install takes about 30-60 minutes and our Product Experts support you through every step.

  • How many users are included?

    In a vScope subscription you can have as many user accounts as you’d like. Integrating vScope in your Active Directory gives you and your colleagues quick access to vScope Billing & Chargeback.