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Suggestions to help you improve data quality

vScope automatically helps you to minimize the number of duplicate assets from multiple data sources by matching numerous criteria. Suggestions are vScope’s way to ask for additional input that it can use to additionally improve data quality.

Notice To manage suggestions, admin permissions are required

Understanding stitching in vScope

A great challenge when inventorying assets from multiple data sources is to uniquely identify assets to minimize duplicates. Stitching is a great feature in vScope that helps with exactly this. Stitching comes built-in and out-of-the-box in vScope and describes the criteria to match assets from multiple asset types. Without going into details but stitching is really one of those magical features in vScope that users don’t even notice.

vScope has now been updated with suggestions to help you improve your vScope experience. It can be anything from adding more integrations, users, or helping vScope improve data quality by giving input to vScope’s stitching.

Two types of suggestions

vScope comes with two types of suggestions.

1. Tips & Tricks

Suggestions that help you improve your Discovery, find unknown features or enhance performance in vScope.

2. Data Quality

Suggestions that relate to stitching. vScope will identify values that can be used to uniquely identify assets and ask how they should be handled. For example, the domains vscope and vscope.local, are quite similar. Do you consider these to be the same domain? Answering this question will help vScope know if it should help two assets separate or merge them into one.

Finding suggestions in vScope

Suggestions can be found in Discovery Manager > Suggestions (you will need to be an administrator to find this view). There are three tabs, one for each state of a suggestion.


These are suggestions that you should take action on. The action can be anything from improving your discovery by adding/removing targets (Tips & Tricks) telling vScope more about how your IT is configured (Data quality).

If you have taken action to Tips & Tricks suggestions, you can click archive to hide them from the incoming tab. If your action fixed the suggestion, it will be removed following the next discovery.


This tab shows every data quality suggestion that you have accepted (eg. Yes, vscope and vscope.local are the same domain). You can revert this at any time and vScope will update accordingly following the next discovery.


Here are suggestions that you have archived. Maybe they are not relevant, or you just don’t want to take action right now.

No, you don’t have to take action on every suggestion…

Suggestions can sometimes be good and relevant, but they can also be wrong and irrelevant, and sometimes somewhere in between. If you are uncertain, it is fine to just archive them and take action later after discussing them with your team.

What we’ve learned

  • vScope automatically minimizes the number of duplicate assets
  • Suggestions automatically find potential improvements to your vScope
  • Suggestions can be found in Discovery Manager
  • By accepting suggestions you help vScope improve data quality
JANUARY 21 2022
Author Soroush Pourhadi

Product Marketing

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