Schedule price increases

New year! Is it time for price adjustments in your price lists? With vScope you can now easily create a new version of a price list and also bulk change every price item. This is what you need if you want to adjust for price index increase and/or temporarily reduce prices.

Notice To follow this guide, vScope Billing is required

Preview changes to price lists

In vScope Billing, Price lists have versions. Creating versions of Price lists allows you to schedule or create new price rules without affecting historical price information. This is very useful if you want to preview how changes to the price list affect the billing basis for a billing account. You can also plan these changes in advance by scheduling when the price list is valid from/to.

Now you can also use price list versions to make bulk changes to prices in the price list. This saves you hours (if not days…) making necessary changes to price lists, eg. price index increase or a temporary discount. Hence, prices can both be increased and reduced.

How to do it:

To follow this guide requires permission to view Billing (Contributor or Administrator).

1. Select Pricelist

Go to “Manage Price Lists” and select the price list you want to change (View Price List).

2. Create a new version

Hit New version to create a new version of the price list. Add a description, in this case 2022 since this version is about adjusting prices for the new year.

3. Bulk change prices

Toggle bulk change prices in new version to open up more options. In this section you can increase or reduce prices by entering a percentage. 4 means a +4% increase of the prices. -4 means a -4% reduction of prices. You can also enter rounding preferences. I will choose to increase prices with 4% and keep two decimals in the new version. Hit save.


This is what the resulting version looks like. Notice the version description and the dates when this version is applicable.

What we’ve learned

  • Price list versions are a great way to preview or schedule changes of/to a price list
  • Price list versions do not affect historical prices
  • Bulk changing prices save you a lot (!) of time when planning price increases/reductions
  • You can round resulting prices to the desired format

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JANUARY 28 2022
Author Soroush Pourhadi

Product Marketing

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