Document your Azure App Registrations in vScope

In the latest update of vScope, we’ve added two new asset types: Azure App Registrations and Load Balancers. This way you can collect more assets and reports in vScope, making them easy to search, document, and share with your team. Read all about it and some additional highlights from the latest update!

New Asset Types: Azure App Registrations, Load Balancers

Notice 👉 You need to have Admin privileges to manage Discovery in vScope

A table of app registrations

To help you improve your documentation routines further, we have added two new asset types in vScope. Azure App Registrations are used to manage application permissions in Azure. By collecting this information in vScope, you will get a better overview and documentation about all your Azure App Registrations. Configure alerts about active app registrations, or client secrets about to expire, or share reports with your team. Easy!

Table Explorer overview

Load Balancers help efficiently distribute incoming network traffic across servers. And now you can collect them in vScope to expand your network documentation and reporting.

Get started…

You can search vScope for prebuilt content about the new asset types. But first you need to collect assets:

How to collect Azure App Registrations

If you are already collecting assets from Azure, just enable the “Azure App Registration” toggle in your Azure credential. If you don’t have connected to Azure, here is a guide to get started. Remember to add the permission Application.ReadAll.

How to collect Load Balancers

Load Balancers can currently only be collected using Custom SQL. Here is a guide to get you started.

Customize user session timeout

Settings page in vScope

As an administrator in vScope, you can change the default session timeout for user accounts. The default is set to seven days, but you can extend or shorten this timeout according to your organization’s policies. You can find the option at the bottom of the screen: Settings > Manage Users.

IT Services: View tags from more related assets

Table Explorer in vScope

There are now more available asset types in Table Explorer, when you want to get tags from a related asset to IT Services. Just open a table about IT services, select + Columns, Get tag from related Asset, and select the asset type of your choice.

Copy IT Service Cards

Copy button of IT Service

Some of your IT services might have several instances; eg. test and production. To help you save time, you can reuse an existing documentation about an IT Service, to create a new. You can also use some kind of template card

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FEBRUARY 27 2023
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