Inventory your Microsoft Intune clients

Inventory Intune

Do you wish that the information about your clients in Microsoft Intune was readily accessible and documented alongside the rest of your assets?

In that case, we have some amazing news to announce. The latest release of vScope comes along a brand new integration with Microsoft Intune! You can now view and document your Intune clients in vScope as well.

With this addition you can now find the most crucial information in regards to your user accounts, licenses and client devices all in vScope.

Why should you integrate Microsoft Intune with vScope?

  • Complement your current documentation
    By adding Microsoft Intune as a data source you gain additional information about your clients, making vScope an even more powerful tool!
  • Have a unified platform for all your assets
    Documenting all your assets on the same platform, no matter if they are physical, virtual or cloud-based gives you a unified and accurate overview of your assets.
  • Readily available
    You can’t always access the information you need in order to successfully do your job. Perhaps it’s because you don’t have the technical know-how or permissions needed, requiring you to request the information from someone else. In vScope you barely need any technical know-how or advanced permissions to access the information you need!

Use cases

  • Migration: Utilize vScope to follow up and overlook the migration to Intune.
  • Compliance: View non-compliant clients with unsuccessful profile configurations.
  • Security & Health Checks: Find clients that are misconfigured and not encrypted.
  • Life Cycle Management – Locate old clients that need to be replaced and updated.


Want a detailed and accurate overview of your clients today?

Inventory Intune now!