Mobile Devices in vScope

Published 10 September – 2020

During the last decade, mobile devices have truly become an integral part of business and business relations. In turn, this has caused a major change in how people communicate and work on a day to day basis. As a consequence, we are seeing IT departments spend more time implementing all sorts of solutions and systems for mobile devices. Naturally, vScope follows suite as no IT asset documentation can be complete in this day and age without mobile devices.

But what counts as a mobile device? Technically laptops are also mobile devices but in vScope, only smartphones & tablets such as iPads are counted as mobile devices. To view mobile devices you’ll need to purchase or try the new mobile device module. Contact and we’ll gladly guide you.

Benefits of mobile devices in vScope

  • Centralized IT documentation – Centralize your IT documentation and create a single source of truth, no matter if its a server, client, or a mobile device.
  • End-of-life management– Track warranty and build customized reports to initiate and follow up on replacement projects.
  • Compliance & Security – Use reports to find misconfigured mobile devices that might be exposing your organization to unnecessary risk.
  • Greater depth of information – vScope automatically maps relationships and can connect mobile devices to already existing user accounts. Giving you more knowledge on your users and their associated devices.

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