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Library: Browse what’s in your vScope

With library, you can browse and overview tables and dashboards in vScope. Together with the new concept “Collection”, vScope has been updated to better meet the increasing need for a holistic perspective of what the IT landscape looks like.

Get started with Home Screen

After signing into vScope, you will find shortcuts to every accessible view and tool. Home Screen is the perfect place to start exploring reports and your IT landscape.

You can find all views and tools in the sidebar, but this way it is easier for you to view what’s really in vScope. Any new features released will be promoted on the Home Screen, meaning that you will never miss out on what’s new in vScope.

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Browse content based on your use case

Structure content based on interest, use case, or target audience, by using Collections. Collections are like folders in which you can add any content. A perfect way for you to explore eg. security or licensing-related dashboards or tables.

In the tab “My Collections”, you will find content that has been added to a Collection created by your organization. However, Collections containing content that you do not have permission to view will resolve as empty, hence not showing up under “My Collections”.

Learn more about collections in this post:

Explore all content in your vScope

Dashboards and Tables in Library show all available content in vScope

  • You can choose to favorite what you like (…and it will show up under Favorites)
  • The tab My Dashboards/Tables contains everything that you have built and/or are the owner of
  • Shared with me lists everything that someone has made you a collaborator of
  • Bundled Dashboards/Tables show everything that comes bundled in vScope. Take a shortcut to updated IT documentation and reports.

Good to know 👉 Bundled vScope content is always accessible to any user (except Viewers)

What we’ve learned…

  • Library is the starting point for exploring what’s in your vScope
  • Use the favorite ⭐ to gain faster access to content that’s relevant to you
  • With Home Screen, you will never miss out on anything new in vScope
  • Collections lets you browse content based on use case
  • Dashboard and Table show what’s in your vScope
APRIL 7 2022
Author Soroush Pourhadi

Product Marketing

vScope is a Great Place to Work

About vScope

vScope is fast and easy IT reporting, helping companies improve collaborations, innovation, and operational efficiency. Based on industry-leading IT inventory, vScope keeps your reports and documentation updated, so that people in your organization always can access relevant insights about IT.

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