G Suite Integration

Published 11 June – 2020

If your organization is utilizing G Suite to any extent then we have some great news to announce. Alongside the latest release of vScope comes our new integration towards G Suite.

You can now inventory and view your user accounts, groups, organizational units and client devices in G Suite. For a more detailed list of what you can view with the new integration, click here.

Why should you integrate G Suite with vScope?

  • One single source of truth
    Documenting all your assets on the same platform, no matter if they are physical, virtual, or cloud-based gives you a unified and accurate overview of your IT assets. Furthermore, navigating around in your IT environment becomes substantially easier with the help of the relationships in vScope.
  • Goodbye to widespread admin permissions
    To access most of the information in G Suite, you need some form of admin privileges. vScope allows you to make your IT asset documentation more transparent and accessible without the risks that come with elevated admin privileges.

Use Cases

  • Directory Audit: Clean up your directory by removing unused assets.
  • Security & Health Checks: Find misconfigured Chromebooks instantly.


  • vScope Client Module – For Chromebooks
  • vScope Directory Module – For User Accounts, Groups & OUs
  • G Suite

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