Connect vScope to Desktop Central

Inventory assets from ManageEngine’s asset management platform Desktop Central.

We have added yet another integration to vScope’s asset inventory. By connecting vScope to your Desktop Central instance, you will be able to collect even more assets in vScope’s asset inventory. It enables better reporting and easier overview across more of your platforms.

The new integration supports both the standard Desktop Central edition as the MSP edition. If you are a MSP you will also benefit from building lists about remote offices and faster adding assets to Billing Accounts in vScope.

What’s included?

Asset types

  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Mobile Devices
  • Remote Offices (categorized as ‘Organizational Units’ in vScope)

We will continue to add more asset types such as Display devices, switches, and printers.


  • Desktop Central
  • Desktop Central MSP

Suggested use cases

  • Compare asset configurations in Desktop Central with other settings in other platforms.
  • Add price and billing details to assets.
  • Improve patch reporting.
  • Find duplicate assets across Remote Offices.
  • Set up alerts to automatically catch misconfigurations at an early stage.
  • Distribute reports containing asset information from multiple platforms.
  • Add custom metadata to assets, either manually or by using rules.
  • Aggregate reports based on eg. customer, technical contact, OS version, and more…

To help you on the way, we’ve written a guide that step-by-step describes how to enable inventory of Desktop Central in vScope.

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About Desktop Central

ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP is a Web-Based Windows desktop administration software that helps administrators to effectively manage the desktops from a central point. It provides Configurations, Inventory Management, Patch Management, Service Pack Installation, Software Installation, Desktop Sharing, and System Tools.

Source: Getting Started with Desktop Central (


December 12, 2020

Author Soroush Pourhadi

Anton Berghult

Product Marketing

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